Harry Potter 5 To Be Bundled With PS3

Harry Potter 5 "The Order Of The Phoenix Bluray Disc Will Be Bundled w/ PS3.

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PS3 Limps on and on3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

I just wonder where this will all end up. When will people really start giving a damn about High Defintion? It's not like you see regular TV's being advertised anymore.

It's all flat panel HDTV's. In commercials, for football, there no doubt HDTV's are the future. How long before people see that DVD is crap on HDTV's? And start seriously demanding Blu ray or HD DVD?

jiggyjay3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

And you guys wonder why us Xbots think that the PS3 is more a DVD player!

So with the people that disagreed with me does that mean you agree with xbots that the PS3 is more of a DVD player?

marinelife93913d ago

Even if the format war stays at the current status quo in a little over a year Blu-Ray owners will be able to get every movie from every studio save Universal.

If Paramount re-ups after their current contract expires they'll be asking for a lot more than 150 million because the installation numbers will be way higher. Would Toshiba pay 500 million to keep Paramount?

ruibing3913d ago

No, I'm simply disagreeing with the way you appear everywhere that you are not wanted. If you really think the PS3 is just a Blu Ray player, you sure are going out on a limb against it, did Blu Ray slay your HD-DVD add-on or something? As much as I value the opinions of others, there is a time and place for constructive arguments, but there is never a time for these mindless rantings of yours.

gtgcoolkid3913d ago

because up till now it was Spidey 3 (sony movie) bundled in. maybe this is a sign that warner brothers is finally starting to warm up to their attitude about the PS3.

marinelife93913d ago

Good point hadn't thought about that.

ruibing3913d ago

Though I don't think WB will make any decisions until after this year, this shows an example of how certain movie studios can take full advantage of the PS3 user base. Disney has been thinking of creating a developer studio, so why not make PS3 games and bundle them with a Disney or Pixar Blu Ray movie? Though I haven't been sold on the whole synergy thing, I do see opportunities that are just waiting for these corporations.

jaja14343913d ago

But how does this help WB? I'm pretty sure the movie is going to sell bundles, hell I'm going to buy it, but what does throwing it in for free do for WB? Spidey I can see since its a Sony movie...

But who cares, its a great movie and the more that can enjoy it the better!

p.s. Read the books if you like the movie, their better.

solar3913d ago

didnt one of the harry potter guys come outta the closet?

jaja14343913d ago

Well J.K.Rowling outed Dumbledore as being gay. Which makes no sense at all since it doesn't effect the plot or your perception of the character before you knew he was gay. All it does is get the groups that called the series "devils work" more fuel for the fire.

solar3913d ago

its kinda like how Clive Barker thinks we need more "gay" lead characters in video games. o.O why? i dont care if my lead character humps goats as long as the story is good and the gameplay rocks.

Darkiewonder3913d ago

Oh well.

I'm going to get the DVD Version. have every single one in DVD Format. why switch now? ;3

PS3 Limps on and on3913d ago

HDTV's are the way of the future. DVD looks like crap on HDTV.

SmokeyMcBear3913d ago

doesn't the ps3 upconvert dvd's or something. I don't think dvd's look like crap on my 42" 720 ( maybe a 60" 1080p would be different), but you can definitely see a difference in blurays and regular dvds.

PS3 Limps on and on3913d ago

You can say whatever, in the end DVD looks like crap compared to Blu ray.

You gotta get some blu rays and really see that there's a whole new era of home entertainment out there.

If you stick to DVD your missing out.

JIN KAZAMA3913d ago

looks like crap. Especially when the PS3 upconverts to HD on all DVD's. it looks great. But Blu-Ray version of Harry Potter would definately sweeten the "Pot". If you have a High Def movie player, and an HDTV, why would you NOT get the HD version?


TheExecutive3913d ago

I have a 61" 1080p and dvd's dont "look like crap". Most movies that are blu-ray are upconverted any way. IN the future they will be shot with different cameras, but not today. DVD's look good on my tv due to the ps3 upconverting the signal. However, something like planet earth shows what the format can really do

shine13963913d ago

@executive. apart from independent moviemakers hollywood studios record, transfer and edit in a format way higher then full hd. you actually lose quality with hd. no offense or anything just look it up.

Jandre023913d ago

They shoot films at higher than 1080p. The movies you get on Blu-Ray are not upconverted. They are actually lower quality than the original film.

By the way if your on the borderline between buying a HD player, just look at Planet Earth on Blu-Ray. It was after seeing this that I HAD to get a Blu-Ray player. It was just convenient that the PS3 played blu-ray movies.

Really, if your going to spend $2,000 on an HDTV, a HD console or player can really justify the purchase. Throw in a 7.1 surround sound system and you may never go to the movies again.

Boink3913d ago

I find very little/if any difference between an upscaled DVD, and bluray/hddvd.

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P4KY B3913d ago

Spiderman 3 was just as bad.

Why can't they bundle a good film?
Or maybe even................a game?

proves yet again that its blu-ray player first and games console second.

rofldings3913d ago

80gb US: Motorstorm?
60gb EU: Motorstorm + Resistance?

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