Secret Agent Clank Developer Interview

Ratchet & Clank have been an inseparable duo for a long, long time. But the weapon-wielding Lombax usually steals the show. Not this time. Clank is finally getting a game of his own, and GamePro go straight to developer High Impact Games for the scoop on this upcoming PSP game.

GamePro: Are you doing anything with Secret Agent Clank that is special or unique on the PSP?

Dave Goodrich, Lead Designer: We wanted to add unique gameplay to the Ratchet series for Clank, making him more of an action hero than in previous installments. For example Clank has to flip, duck, and perform acrobatics through a field of security lasers to sneak into a museum or dance a deadly tango with a femme fatale which leads to an exciting down hill ski chase... Just to name a few new and unique things for Clank.

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Probotector3879d ago

Secret Agent Clank = Destined to be a failure.

redninja3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

What the hell are you smoking?

WorldRestorer3851d ago

Why do you say it'll be a failure? Company? Clank, because he wasn't too spicy in gameplay in the other installments? We'll just have to wait and see more information...failure may not be a word to describe it.

Relientk773879d ago


this game will be awesome

WorldRestorer3851d ago

Interesting. Not much new info, though...I look forward to using Clank's hovercraft and flame-spouting pen, though.