Top 10 Fun Things To Do In Skyrim

"It’s been almost three weeks since the arrival of The Elder Scrolls V, and speaking for all Elder Scrolls fans, we couldn’t be more pleased. With the latest patch out to smooth over any rough edges, more and more people are saying goodbye to reality and immersing themselves into the magical land that is Skyrim"

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Nick2120042178d ago

“Either I’m drunk, or you’re naked. Possibly both.” Gotta love that quote LMFAO!

Iroquois_Pliskin2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

lol a dragon attacks the city, and a guard lets out this glorious battle cry:


Or when you kill a dragon and a guard walks up to you and say:

I´ve got to thinking... Maybe im the Dragonborn, i just dont know it yet.

BritneyParks2176d ago

A bard in Whiterun said that to me haha.

killajd2178d ago

Skyrim on the pc is all Iv been playing with of course Saints row the third for pc also. Alot of the mods out there now are all about detail and changing things up to make it look that much better!!! The mods that are coming up after the tools are released will be about adding content to the game! I look forward to the release of these future mods as they will extend a already 100 hrs plus game!

NOKIDDING2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

The most fun I had with this game was when a dragon attacked a giant. I killed the dragon, the giant started to 'applaud' me (I thought "Nice of the developers, I didn't know you could save giants and befriend them"). But when I approached him he got pissed again and sent me into orbit LOL! Damn giants.

Darkfocus2177d ago

LoL that's not applause they do that to warn you that your getting too close...

Fez2178d ago

I've been playing Skyrim for over 200 hours and have only enjoyed about 2 hours altogether. The rest just feels like a chore...anyone else feel like your wasting so much time when you play Skyrim?

kramun2178d ago

Only an idiot would keep playing a game for 200 hours when they didn't even enjoy playing it. Most people would just play something else.

Just saying.

Fez2177d ago

Yeh, maybe I should stop, games are meant to be fun after all.

ljh2172177d ago

I've been playing skyrim for over 200 hours and only 2 hours have felt like a chore...anyone else feel like your having such a good time when you play skyrim?

TacoTaru2177d ago

You will do fine in marriage then. If enjoying something only 1% of the time you are doing it works for you, I certainly envy you! You may be my new hero!

CaptainMarvelQ82177d ago

I used to troll just like you.But then I Took an arrow to the knee.

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Scrooge2177d ago

Wow, a few small spoilers in that article. Thanks for the warning.

undercovrr2177d ago

The title itself should be a warning

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