Top 6.5 Reasons Why the PlayStation 3 is the Best Console of this Generation

For years, virtual armies have waged war on forums and comment sections across the internet in a desperate struggle for console superiority. After half a decade of hurt feelings, insulted intelligences, offensive mother comments, and general meanness, the battle is finally over. Despite the stiff competition, the dust has settled and a clear winner has victoriously emerged from the message board flames, placing headshots into the skulls of its competition with a Move Sharpshooter.

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blaaah2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

1. Five Hundred and Ninety Nine US Dollars
2. Whoops
3. Giant Enemy Crab
4. Real Time Weapon Change
5. Massive Weak Point Damage
6. Its Ridge Racer. RIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RACER!!!!!!!!!!!

6.5 - It Only Does............... Porn applications :)

KingSlayer2242d ago

Better than the alternative...

1. Three Hundred and Ninety Nine US Dollars for a console to blink red lights at you
2. HDMI unimportant
4. Pay for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. Super Lulz.
5. Hideo Kojima comes on stage for...Metal Gear Solid Rising.Lulz.
6. Kinect
6.5 - Jump nothing of substance

blaaah2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

King Slayer? You dare pose a direct challenge to DarkCharizard's trolling! :O

But yah, I agree 100%.. Windows phone sucks da nutz.. PS3 is a marginally better alternative to that.. XBAWKS 360z FTW!!!!!!!!!11111ONE The PS3 fanboys, SoNoobs as I call you, are right for once :D



Stealth Edit.

Fanq :*

egidem2242d ago

lol...the 599 US dollars and Its Ridge Racer. RIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RACER!!!!!!!!!!! comments will follow Kaz for the rest of his life.

BuffMordecai2241d ago

Someone's mad that they got no games.

DonaldBeck2242d ago

it just is, ask anybody outside of the internet.

zeal0us2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

Personally I don't there is a console that can qualify as "Best Console of this Generation". Sure this generation has done some pretty neat things but "best" is going a little far out. Each console had its pros&cons/Strengths& Weaknesses

gamingdroid2242d ago

That would be the objective way of looking at it! You are on though... just look at the first post and the response.

Dumb and dumber!

KingSlayer2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

This from a Kinect cheerleader. Lulz.

OoOoO...Beacons! You're a twat. If I could, I'd shit in your mouth. In front of Kinect so you'd think it was revolutionary.

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2242d ago

^^^^ Speaking of Dumber ^^^^

Anyways, this is all subjective. Like Zeal said, every console has pro's/con's. This is the first gen that their really isn't a clear winner.

gamingdroid2242d ago

Go figure, "Dumber" responds with an even dumber response!

I guess I can't expect an intelligent response from a dumb person.

insomnium22242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

Just keep your original stance x360 fans. It's all about the games. Look at quantity. Look at quality. Look at your MC as it now speaks against you. Instead of laughing and doing your victory dance due to win by default you really should've listened to common sense. All of this was bound to happen.

Soon PS3 will pass x360 in teh zalez so even your safetynet is broken. What's next? Next gen and a whole lot of bias and fud all over again in your vain agenda of world domination with your crappy consoles? Colour me surprized....-_-

I love x360 fanboys. They are a limitless resource of entertainment for any sound/levelheaded gamer.

iamgoatman2241d ago

"...for any sound/levelheaded gamer."

Like who? You? Don't make me laugh.

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Jappy-k72242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

the only reason i bought a ps3 was GAMES...
but ONLY 5 "exclusives" are worth getting: MGS4, Heavy Rain, Demon's Souls, Valkeria Chronicles and Ar tonelico

the rest imo are overhyped and overrated average games ~

FFvsXIII and The Last Guardian are my most eagerly anticipated games!

Rynx2242d ago

^ This is actually a pretty decent stealth troll. I'm going to be generous and rate this comment a 85% of the 'stealth troll success meter'.

JellyJelly2242d ago

If I bought a PS3 it would mostly be to play Uncharted.

IRetrouk2241d ago

i bought the gears 360 for forza 4 and gears 3, nothing wrong with that.

dgonza402241d ago

PS3 has A LOT more to offer...
especially since now most of the classics are dirt cheap.
Dont be afraid of the light.. :o

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2242d ago

Even though I think both consoles are pretty even I will always say Ps3 just because of the exclusives.

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