Who do you trust? Critics, or everyone on Internet with different opinions?

The Age Screen Play - Jason Hill, December 4, 2007:

"Screen Play has no idea whether GameSpot's US reviews editor Jeff Gerstmann was sacked for an overly negative review of a product heavily advertised on his site.

I also do not know if previous allegations of "editorial for sale" are accurate.

What I do know is that there would not be one single editor of a major video game publication around the world that reviews games, be it online or print, who has not felt pressure from their advertising department to favourably support an advertiser's product...

Gamasutra suggests the internet has largely made the job title 'critic' redundant. I disagree."

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boodybandit3945d ago

I only trust my opinion and a few friends that share similar taste in games. I definitely don't trust (so-called) professional reviews at all. Too much money (whether it's advertising dollars or perks) and bias (liking or hating certain genres or developers/publishers)out there to trust any one of them.

TruthbeTold3945d ago

What a BS false dichotomy...

AllroundGamer3945d ago

i always try a demo first and make my own opinion.

creeping judas3945d ago

same here!! if theres no demo and im on the fence, ill rent the game 1st.

Bubble Buddy3945d ago

yeah same, i try the demo or borrow a game form my friend or wait till a friend gets it and try it there for free lol

Sayai jin3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

Niether. I only trust my own opinion. Thats why I do not know why peole get so hung up over review scores. If you notice that a certain game is repeatedly receiving the same comment like glitchy graphics or something like this, then you can seethat it is a trend and believe it to some degree. I have played games and really enjoyed them that did not get rave reviews and on the other hand, I have played games in the past becuase the reviews were high and I did not enjoy them. Bottom line, it's you money and time, so spend them how you want.

jlytle12343945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

2)someone i know who has played the game
the end
i take game reviews and previews with a grain of salt and they might keep me from getting something im on the line about or cause me to rent it before i buy it. i just get a feel for how it plays (control scheme) with reviews and previews.
i would trust a fellow n4gite who i think can be objective with his criticism and praise before i would trust a reviewer.

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The story is too old to be commented.