Gametrailers: Turok Multiplayer Gameplay

A round up of new videos provided by The game is scheduled to release on the Playstation 3, PC and Xbox 360 in February 2008.

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Omegasyde3854d ago

I know you can be attacked by a raptor by there isn't alot of dinosaurs. Rage Wars was cool because they had new innovative modes like 1 person is a monkey and you select the ability to actually play the dinosaur. I hope this game has some better modes because this game seems pretty basic with nothing but a a couple knife animations.

ichimaru3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

it would be cool to have bigger dinos in the multiplayer. can you imagine an allosaurous showing up in CTF, chaos xD

MK_Red3854d ago

That would be sick. Poor player has enemy's flag and is happily running towards their based until one of those huge monsters blocks his way. Ahead of him is the big man eater and behind him are the enemies looking for their flag. Talk about sandwich ;)

STFU3854d ago

this game will suck.

Fr0ZzZeN3854d ago

Yep. Anyone else notice the bug at the start when he killed the dino without touching him?

Looks like a generic last minute multiplayer, nothing more.

Douche3854d ago

There was no bug...the teammate beside him finished the dino off while he was laying on the ground. I found it cool how he screamed, "Help me!" while keeping the raptor from chomping his head off. I think the knife kills have awesome varieties of animations between the humans and animals. Hopefully enough variety though. I think it's looking pretty good for a comeback in the series.

tony3854d ago

it has some sound similarities with halo(not gameplay, just sounds).