IGN: Turok Multiplayer Hands-On

IGN writes, "Everyone loves melee combat. Sure, it might not get as many YouTube clips as a badass sniper shot or someone leaping from a ledge, emptying his clip and capping a handful of bad guys, but there's just something fulfilling about walking up behind an oblivious opponent, raising your hands and silently ending his life that makes you feel complete inside."

"Turok's looking to amplify that feeling. Y'know those horrific dinosaur/bad guy kills you've seen where Turok sneaks up on a foe, an icon appears on screen, you tap the button and Turok stabs the guy in the face or slits the dino's throat?"

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Chubear3825d ago

I always thought I'd get this at some point in time but after seeing some recent stuff and MP maps and gameplay, I think I'll be picking this one up sooner rather than later.

d3l33t3825d ago

cool. Framerate looks solid.

I wish devs would really take some chances with original art styles. There is much room for improvement.

Dante82053825d ago

its a bit too slow and not very organic more into that organic feel to games...COD4...Uncharted...UT3 ...ehh ill just wait for killzone son...

MK_Red3825d ago

The dinosaurs are incredible and have superb animation and AI. A true wildcard in middle of multiplayer battles? YES. I'm in.

Prismo_Fillusion3825d ago

All amazingly true. The best new video with dinosaurs is "Invasion" if anyone is interested in not watching them all (which I just did). The graphics look good, excellent frame-rate, varied maps, and freaking dinosaurs.