Swarovski Crystal Wii Owners Can't Complain Ever

Kotaku writes:

"If you are lucky enough to own not only a Wii but a one-of-a-kind Zelda Wii covered in 7,500 24-carat dipped Swarovski crystals, then no, you can't complain to us about much of anything."

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ManOnFire3948d ago

That is a bit intense. Before I had read anything I thought it had been bedazzeled.

M_Prime3948d ago

i wonder if they act like insulation.. but then again its not like the WII gets hot LOL

Spinitus3948d ago

i don't like the wii, but that wii is pimped.

Kareshi_X3947d ago

if i'd Win it i would Probably Show Off a Little Bit Then Sell It On Ebay For Some BigMONEY