Ken Kutaragi Crazy Quote Award: Wired Announces the Winner

Wired Game|Life announces the winner of this year's Ken Kutaragi Memorial Crazy Executive Quote trophy, the second-place winner, and the number-one "crazy" quote.

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PirateThom3880d ago

Way to go Jack, you earned it.

games4fun3880d ago

you are such a b$tch, seriously this isnt gaming news, i would love it, if just for one day when i go to the main site that n4g isnt polluted with your news submissions and those of your fellow posters who dont care about posting gaming news but anything to get points

GIJeff3880d ago

name should be changed to "The Round Nub"

TheExecutive3880d ago

there should be a Ken Kutaragi crazy quotes coffee table book.

Lex Luthor3880d ago

"I would like my car to fly and make me breakfast, but that's an unrealistic expectation."


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