Only 1 PSN account per PS Vita

"Recently, we found a bad news for the Sony's upcoming handhelds Playstation Vita. It was from a forum that a user just came back from the PS Vita event in Osaka, and the user wrote a bad news for PS Vita. Let's take a look below."

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Coltrane_C2240d ago

Doesn't bother me because no one else will be touch my Vita except me

egidem2240d ago

Same here, but that kind of sucks.

Rage_S902240d ago

Yeah d*ck move, sony have gone backwards.

MariaHelFutura2240d ago

As of right now I think this is a rumor.

egidem2240d ago


Let's hope so. I'd suck really if you couldn't access say 2 different accounts of 2 different regions on the same Vita. It would make downloading different content easier.

Like I said, let's hope this is just a rumor.

Spenok2240d ago

I somehow doubt this is true. First off the system has more memory and ram then the PS3, thus allowing it to do something the PS3 is incapable of doing (Cross game voice chat).

And or if it is true i hope its region specific.

Though at the same time it kind of makes sense as they are trying to keep people from game sharing like people took advantage of with the PS3.

Yea, this definitly sucks if true.

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dark-hollow2240d ago

I hope they change this as there ar certain contents only available on certain regions ):

Dee_912240d ago

can you get the eu and jpn stuff off the ps3 and put it on the vita ?
If so then no worries here

trancefreak2240d ago

Wasn't the psp go the same way with 1 account per machine.

Hatmantc2240d ago

the psp in general was like that

coryok2240d ago

if someone wanted to play your vita with their account they could though... theres just about no storage space on the vita without memory cards so a factory reset becomes trivial.

you'll have almost nothing saved on the vita so in resetting to factory settings you'll loose almost nothing

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raytraceme2240d ago

Explains why vita games on psn will be 40% less than retail. So gamers can get their games cheap with out having sony loose out on sales ala gamesharing. The vita is getting better and better by the day.

VegaShinra2240d ago

You do realize this means you can't download any games or demos from the EU/Japan store if you are in North America, right?

It's a form of region locking digital content. Not a big deal but does kinda suck.

-Mika-2240d ago

All i have to say is read cgoodno #3 and #5 post in the link below. He basically explains it all.

Waddy1012240d ago

I'd rather have the games im gonna play daily 40% less than be able to play the occasional title that i want from a different region

gamingdroid2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

Except, the difference is that you can still share your iPad/iPhone and each app has their own account if necessary.

Games typically don't and often times they only save based on checkpoints, not a save game file.

Either way and whatever the reason is, I would say this is a backwards step and I hope Sony will change this.

Focus2240d ago

Lol, the art of spinning, a playstation fanboy skill

Rainstorm812240d ago

The art of Hypocrisy... a general fanboy skill.

Damn near every handheld digital device has only one user account, including the 3DS,PSP, and IOS devices.

radphil2240d ago

"Damn near every handheld digital device has only one user account, including the 3DS,PSP, and IOS devices."\

The PSP and IOS device thing you might want to watch out of. You can switch accounts on those without reformatting to default settings.

phinch2240d ago

Well im not buying it for anyone else except me, ive kept the one ps3 account since launch too

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Waddy1012240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

This was the case with the PSP, so it's not that big a deal.

Neo Nugget2240d ago

You could *have* more than one account on the psp, you just disabled everything from one account while you played content from the other.

Still, this is hardly even a big deal...

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