Most Shocking sales disappointments of 2011

Lots of games rated highly by the critics not seeing sales as good as hoped for.

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Sanetoshi2565d ago

I dunno. Maybe it's just me, but it's really hard to consider a game that sells over a million copies a disappointment. Plenty of excellent games that are considered successes by the companies that make them never sell a million.

buddymagoo2565d ago

Most shocking gaming article! It's not just you people like the games they like regardless of sales.

Army_of_Darkness2565d ago

But they still got up 2 PS3 exclusives that they like and think deserve more sales?! lol! weird...

XboxBoy2565d ago

@ buddy

Shut the fu** up and go back to your football site, your not a gamer.

Iroquois_Pliskin2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Why is msxbox world ranking ps3 exclusives???? Of course they are gonna play it down! Any brain dead moron can see that.

BTW what is their source? Numbers they pulled out of their asses?

NegativeCreep4272565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

I'm not trying to say that "redeems" R3 in anyway. R3 is a great game regardless, but I have to bring that up just because I don't think this source hadn't taken that into consideration. This source seems to have only considered September sales numbers for R3.

RankFTW2565d ago

Well considering Alan Wake came out last year I call this article fail. Considering this is an xbox site you would have thought they'd have known that.

da_2pacalypse2565d ago

lol im pretty sure that Eidos even said that they sold more copies of Deus Ex than they expected... They sold so many copies that Square Enix is expanding Eidos Montreal in order to make a sequel of Deus Ex and Theif 4.

disturbing_flame2565d ago

"Wow, it looks like resistance 3 have reach in one month what Alan wake have done in a year, let call that a disaster."

Man that article was really annoying.

EVILDEAD3602565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

LMAO @ pretending Alan Wake came out in 2011..

Classic case of FAILED Fan blogger journalism

Please ladies and gentleman..look at the history of MSXBOX and try to pretend they are 360 site..they arent


Yi-Long2565d ago

... but considering the DLC-milking/scamming they'll be doing for quite some time, I'm not dropping a nickle on it until there's a complete edition being released.

da_2pacalypse2564d ago

@disturbing_flame no those are Alan wake sales for this year. Alan wake actually sold a fair amount of copies after a while... It just didn't sell that many copies at launch because it was released on the same day as RDR.

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lelo2play2565d ago

Maybe a multiplatform game "only" selling a million is not so great... but a exclusive selling a million, i think it's pretty good (since it's only on one console).

modesign2565d ago

dont forget, alan wake and forza were suppose to be gaming gold. so only selling a million is pretty bad when every one speculated on them selling a few million

PirateThom2565d ago

Ah, see, you've made the mistake here of thinking this arguement applies to 360 games. It doesn't, when 360 games only sell a million copies, it's "disappointing" and "there must be a reason why".

On the other hand, a PS3 game selling a million copies is a failure and people don't care about exclusives.

nefertis2565d ago

Alan Wake deserve to sell more copies, i wish it was on the ps3.

Mickbelfast2565d ago

Was recently announced Alan wake broke 1.5 million & it was the 360s most pirated game, it's the game that made me get a 360.. It's that good

NegativeCreep4272565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

But what you don't consider is the fact that Xbox 360 sycophants take high sales figures alot more seriously than the PS3 loyalists. Xbox 360 fanboys see that as the de facto measure of success, so when people talk of Alan Wake and Forza's "disappointing" sales numbers, they are simply applying the same ruling measure as the Xbox 360 fanboys. It seems MS fanboys want to have it both ways and are being hypocritical.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32565d ago

Ah, so you base your gaming lively hood on 360 fanboys and what they think or tell you? Your life sounds miserable, lol...

oohWii2565d ago

@NegativeCreep427 - Where is the other side of your argument? You rant about how 360 fanboy see things. Your omission of the PS3 fanboy's poing of view easily shows that you're just a whiny little PS3 fanboy trying to rationalize his need to hear some good news about his console of choice.

Grow up.

KingZFlipper2565d ago

and Alan Wake came out in 2010, not 2011.

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Jerkstore812565d ago

The problem is there are too many good games coming out at once fighting for our dollars, and the $60 price tag is too high. By the time they get a price drop we've all forgotten about them.

ArmrdChaos2565d ago

You also need to consider that a lot of these story based single player games have less replay value once you complete them. I would like to see them add rental numbers with these sales numbers to see where the true interest levels are. With completion times of 6 to 10 hours I would believe that most are opting to rent instead of buy.

voodoopickle2565d ago

i would also like to see the amount of copys traded in within the first 6 months, although im guessing that would be a real hard figure to obtain

aquamala2565d ago

With games costing so much to make, one million is not enough for some games

bumnut2565d ago

£40 x 1,000,000 is a good return in my book.

TheIneffableBob2565d ago

Try less than half that.

You have console licensing costs (this means more profit on PC), distribution costs, and marketing costs.

Dark_Overlord2565d ago

That £5+ extra added onto console games covers the licensing costs

mcstorm2565d ago

I think any game that reaches 1 million has sold well more than hat is a bonus. Thrre are only a few games like halo cod gt and most of ninendo exclusives that sell more than 3 million on each console as these are the games that people buy that console for.

Some games also have legs like forza it sells small numbers but over 12 months. But this gen seem to be all about mw shooters for some reason.

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Thatguy-3102565d ago

Resistance 3 was the best in the series ...disappointing that a lot of gamers didn't pick it up

dinkeldinkse2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

I think RFOM is by far the best in the series. Being completely honest, I think R2 is better than R3 because of the coop.

Edit: Btw sales numbers along with GOTY awards are worthless to me. inFamous 2 is my favorite game of this year, regardless if I am the only one that bought it or one of many that bought it.

hennessey862565d ago

I agree, fall of man was a stunning game and the best in the series. 2 and 3 were good but not as good a s 1

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32565d ago

Although I'm a fan of the Resistance series and feel the first one is the best out of the ones I've played, neither had a quality I'd consider stunning...

JBaby3432565d ago

I haven't played R3 yet but I consider R1 to be better than R2.

@dinkeldinkse: I bought inFamous 2 also and while good I liked the original much more. But I'm glad you liked it so much.

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kevnb2565d ago

ya 1 million sales is huge, thats a freaking million people buying a game. Not every game can be huge like call of duty.

enfestid2565d ago

It's all relative. If Call of Duty only sold a million copies, would you classify it as a disappointment? I would. Just like some of these games selling over a million is a disappointment, given the marketing behind them, the developers, etc.

Dee_912565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )


Dee_912565d ago

so im guessing every game with a buzz on the internet is suppose to sell a couple million in a few months be considered a sucess ..

MoreRPG2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

you got to consider the development cost of each of these games
anyway at least for me these are good games it seems kinda disappointing to see these sales

Vortex3D2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

If the publisher spent too much money on the development making and marketing the game, then selling a million copies still wouldn't cover the cost.

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TheDareDevil2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

I don't know how Alan Wake features in this list since it released in 2010 but I think a million units is good.
Most of the games featured on this list are over a million. I don't know how that is considered a disappointment.

Gamer19822565d ago

Indeed 1 million is good but 1 million for Forza is bad especially when we know 360 gamers are all about the sales and GT5 has sold nearly 7 million. They bang on about how much better Forza and sales = quality so if tru then why hasn't Forza outsold GT5? It's not going to ever either looking at sales and how much they have slowed down now. I honestly agree though 1 million is a success for most devs but turn 10 will not be happy with that.

Forza 3 has sold 5 million lifetime so the article writer is trying to figure out why people are not upgrading.. Kinect is the reason and most people bought GT5 now. Lets not kid ourselves GT5 gamers couldnt wait and bought a 360 and Forza. They moved on now and thats why Forza 4 sales are dead compared to Forza 3.

sarshelyam2564d ago

First weeks sales are what they look at. Lifetime sales don't take into account the duration of measurement. I piece of software selling 1 million units its first month, does not equal a piece of software selling 1 mullion units over the course of 3 months.

Frankly, developers have goals, and publishers have projections. This time of the year the projections are incredibly short, usually first week, sometimes extending to a second or third. That said, as new competitive software releases cross and on platform, they have to drop the expectation on projections and cut off sales tracking as it relates to the overall budget recoup.

It's too bad, because if one looks at a game like Valkyria Chronicles [PS3], it was a commercial disaster upon release (selling only 30k units in its release window). Then timing hit where GameStop and like retailers dropped the price so the stock would sell through. If you looked at the overall sales for the title at this time, any developer/publisher would consider it a commercial success, especially considering the genre which tends to be a bit more on the niche side in an industry dominated by the shooter.

xtremexx2565d ago

i wish enslaved sold more

LettingGo2565d ago

Watch it, man. These people don't like Enslaved. They think because the reaction time on the combat isn't as fast as a normal action game...that it's a bad game. Forgive them. They're young....

AAWELLS092565d ago

I totally agree and had a blast playing the game. Very well made.

Laxman2565d ago

Was one of my favorites of last year. Was such a well told story and actually had some of the best game characters Ive seen in a while in terms of having the player care for them and thier story. Andy Serkis is awesome. Take the scene *SPOILERS* Trip takes the Slave band off Monkey and he says to put it back on. That is just so well done its amazing.

mt2565d ago

I wish I liked enslaved demo so I could buy it.

MadMax2564d ago

You missed one hell of a game! The demo did it no justice at all.

Spenok2564d ago

Hell, if your interested in it at all, you can buy it new for no more then $20 now. And as MadMax states the Demo did it absolutely NO justice.

Spenok2564d ago

Completely agree. It was a very well put together game. The only thing i was kind of dissapointed by was the ending... it just didnt feel like enough was given. The graphics, story, and acting was fantastic though.

xtremexx2564d ago

yea the ending wasnt the best part to be honest

sarshelyam2564d ago

Agreed. I don't think I need to speak more to this comment, other than state that the sales didn't matter, to me. I enjoyed it.

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RaidensRising2565d ago

When games like Saints Row 3 get 1 million in a week. Assassin's Creed Revelations over 2 million in a week and games like MW 3 Battlefield 3, Gears 3, Uncharted 3 all doing incredibly well, the gap has widened between those just reaching a million, and those going way beyond the once benchmark figure.

FCOLitsjustagame2565d ago

There could be some bad timing involved as well. The fall/winter had some big games coming out so I held off on games like Deus Ex and Forza 4 which I will go back for.