Analyst: Media conglomerates not good for gamers

Mark Androvich from wrote an article about the possible downside to media conglomerates getting too involved in the video game industry.

From the article:

"For this situation, the industry should be glad that it was two videogame companies that merged and not the result of an acquisition from a media conglomerate, which would only create more red tape and poor game execution," he [The simExchange's Analyst, Jesse Divnich] told"

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Raider20003796d ago

No don't! I can't take anymore angry publisher phone calls!

But yep, it's true and even though EA is the worst offender, there are others too. How old is Tony Hawk and why do I still need to impress him in every new Tony Hawk game? He must have a forgetful memory.

But like any business, it is all about money, so you really can’t blame them, even though I do believe some series have long past their expiration date.

The best message any consumer can send to any company is with their purchases and I think this year, the message has been sent.

wiizy3796d ago

we have the best game.. mario galaxy until more wii games come out next year. i like bioshock too