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PS Vita Box Arrived in Store (PSVita Made in China? PSP in Japan)

"Sony has finally decided to send out its new handheld's boxes (Playstation Vita) to local game retailers in Japan" (PS Vita, Sony, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

tiffac008  +   1266d ago
Almost everything is made in China these days.
Murad-D12  +   1266d ago
yeah almost everything, PS3 is made from china and the Xbox 360.
The only reason is cheap labor thus less manufacturing costs.
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NEW-AGE  +   1266d ago
My Launch 60GB PS3 was MADE IN JAPAN, but my 80 giger a year later was from China' They Took away Backwards Compatibility, 2 Usb's, Made the Fan Smaller, Took Away Breathing Holes, Got Rid Of the Beautiful Chrome and the Ability to Play Super Audio CD's
NEW-AGE  +   1266d ago
The PS:VITA Cardboard box is made in Japan?!
xtremexx  +   1266d ago
Soo Many Accessories
manwo  +   1266d ago
WooHooAlex  +   1266d ago
I was just checking out the prices for some of the accessories. Aside from memory cards, Sony really nailed the pricing on these.

Ear buds and assorted cases and pouches are $20, screen protector (two pack) is $15, car adapter is $18 and a game card carrying case is $10. That's not too bad when you compare them to tablet accessories.


You can buy the official Vita starter kit that gets you a carrying pouch, screen protectors, ear buds, car adapter and a card carrying case for $29.99.

DEFINITELY picking that up on the 15th. Saving a lot of money on stuff I'll probably be getting eventually anyways.
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lumley666  +   1266d ago
YES!!! now plz ship to UK and make me a happy boy :)
manwo  +   1266d ago
all of us hope psvita will be out as the same date as Japan
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lumley666  +   1266d ago
i knw its releasing feb 22nd in uk, iv booked 2 weeks off work, i just hope its not delayed lol
xX-Jak-Xx  +   1266d ago
My Made in china PSP is much better than my new Made in Japan PSP
Ddouble  +   1266d ago
Is there an issue with it been made in China?

Also they had to shut down some factories for the earthquake which could be why but i don't see why it matters.
MasterCornholio  +   1266d ago
If everything that's made in China sucks. Then the 3DS sucks because it's made there.

It's all down to how much money companies want to spend on quality control. Just look at what happened to the 360 in the beginning and compare it to the PS3.

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caliman87  +   1261d ago
No Surprise
Sony makes the Vaio in China already.

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