Xbox 360 Getting Video Ads?

Kotaku writes:

"Last Friday, Microsoft released a the comprehensive listing of changes in the newest Xbox 360 update (hit the link below for all of the technical dorkdom you can stand). Gaygamer skimmed the massive list and noticed something peculiar:

'Added support for Audio Mute/Unmute for video ads.' looks like Microsoft will be stepping up their advertising a bit. Hopefully it won't become too obnoxious, and thankfully there's a mute option. But I'm thinking that the standard setting should be to "unmute" as opposed to "mute," if you know what I mean."

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riqued3911d ago

People have to pay for Live and still get ads!?

WTF is this M$?

UnblessedSoul3911d ago

Wow unlucky for Live players

sak5003911d ago

I'm paying 80$ and i'm about to get pi$$d.

BestGamerAlive3911d ago

Stop paying 4 online and buy a PS3 i did and it was the best thing that ever happend 2 me free online wifi built in bluray remote play stop adding on and PLAY BEYOND

razer3911d ago

or you wouldn't sound so puzzled about this.

The ad's on the 360 dashboard are all game or movie related. There are several sections of the dashboard so this could be in-dash trailers of games or movies(if your on the Video Marketplace). The picture for this article is completely missing the mark. It's not like they are making us watch commercials like on TV.

And it's easy to turn the ad's off if you don't want them and they are giving you the option to mute them so it's not like they are forcing it down peoples throats.

I think it could be cool if they keep it game/movie/music related.

The Wood3911d ago

he's just being honest. Being marketed at should be something the silver members should have to endure if anybody does. The saying is 'if you want to disable this add pay xx amount', not the other way round. Why you would feel that all 360 fans would accept this without issue is baffling. I'm not saying game adds are a bad thing but you pay for a service that is getting extra revenue from advertisers. If they do go ahead then they should consider lowering the price or something.

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The story is too old to be commented.