PSM3 Blog: Christmas is coming so let's take a nostalgia trip

It's Christmas - so what's your most memorable Christmas gaming experience?

We've all woken up on Christmas morning, desperate to play that new game we've been craving, or break open the packaging on that super-shiny new console.

A quickfire poll on PSM3's best-remembered Xmas gaming moments.

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SWORDF1SH3944d ago

mine as to be one christmas when i opened my present to find a comodore 64 complete with the game, worm. [email protected]@kin ace. yes that crappy little game that was all the rage on phones 8 years i had 10 years b4 it was on mobile. it was on tape and took three minutes to loads. haaa!, the hours of fun i had with that game. i soon updated to games like prince clumsy and buggy boy. since then i was addicted to gaming. god bless the commodore 64

robandmundt3944d ago

i still remember when i opened my ps1, the first console i ever had. I was so happy and played tekken, gran turismo and a game called ''Tai Fu Wrath Of The Tiger'' till my head hurt lol even though it took my mum 30 mins to figure out how to set it up lol

Relientk773944d ago

lets c ... Sega Genesis, and PS2 got on X-mas... and gameboy color and maybe another gameboy?

on my birthday I got my PS1 with some games one being Spyro the Dragon which is still a great game

wiizy3943d ago

lol. cut it out.. wii first and then the ps3

wiizy3943d ago

if its nostalgia trip then wii on top