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Submitted by ssb3173 1458d ago | news

Sony losing Insomniac 'Ain't the End of the World'

The Official PlayStation Magazine over in the UK recently sat down to speak with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's President and CEO Jim Ryan, and he spoke briefly about developer Insomniac's relationship with Sony moving forward. (Insomniac Games, PS3)

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Prcko  +   1458d ago
I love Insomniac,but after last ratchet i don't mind anymore!
byrnezy  +   1458d ago
Ratchet and Clank all for one was such a dissapointment :(
smashcrashbash  +   1458d ago
They are not 'losing' Insomniac. If I remember correctly Insomniac is still making certain games exclusively for them. that is hardly 'losing' them.
SonyStyled  +   1458d ago
they never 'had' them in the first place. insomniac has always been independet, not first party. there just making games for other platforms now
RememberThe357  +   1458d ago
it didn't sound like he was taking a stab as much as he was just being honest. To them it isn't ideal to have Insomniac multiplatform, but the reason they bought to many good studios was because they didn't want to have to rely on outside companies. On Sony's side too it doesn't seem like either Resistance 3 or Ratchet & Clank All 4 One didn't do ass well as they wanted. Resistance 3 should have sold more, the best shooter campaign I've played in years, and the best shooting I've ever felt.
wenaldy  +   1458d ago
Its ok to use "losing" word if Sony owned Insomniac when in fact Insomniac is second party dev.
P_Bomb  +   1458d ago
Sony still owns the Ratchet and Resistance IPs. If Insomniac wish to continue making more games in those series, they'll have to be exclusives again. Otherwise they have to start from scratch with new IPs for anything going forward, like Overstrike.
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mrsatan  +   1458d ago
Insomniac is a really good, but not really great developer. You will do okay losing them, because they didn't really bring anything really popular to the exclusivity table.
Nodoze  +   1458d ago
Insomniac will look back on this with regret. I do not anticipate that the multiplatform title will sell all that well (the trailer was not all that exciting).

I just hope Sony is not too pissed to release a Ratchet and Clank collection.

Here's to hoping it happens.
TopDudeMan  +   1458d ago
Nah, they're a good developer... Hopefully they'll diversify and try something completely new in the future...
TheGameFoxJTV  +   1458d ago
The Ratchet & clank games have been some of my favs since the PS2. But, a lot of the kid on this site didn't even get to enjoy the PS2. lol, they're growing up with the 360 and PS3.
GodHandDee  +   1458d ago
it's not like they won't make Sony games anymore or anything. Considering how strong Sony first party is now they surely won't mind much either
archemides518  +   1458d ago
they were phoning it in the last 2 games
drsnobby  +   1458d ago
We must remember gamers
Developers want to make money plain and simple.insonmiacs no slouch of a development team by any means.they are looking at other options to bring more money into there development house.resistance 3 was up against some stiff competition and sales are the foundation for any company.i wish them well for expanding there brand and moving into UNCHARTED territory,sorry had to add that one. LOL
Game0N  +   1458d ago
fucking traitors!!!!!

CanadianTurtle  +   1458d ago
I'm just worried about not having another resistance game
P_Bomb  +   1457d ago
I'm sure we'll get more even without Insomniac's input, as Retribution & Burning Skies can attest to. It's Sony's property to do with as they please.

Not that unheard of really. All the most recent MaxPayne, SlyCooper, Silent Hill, NFS, BioShock games have been done by new devs. Splinter Cell & COD swap development teams every other game. I'm 100% positive that Resistance will live on.
CanadianTurtle  +   1456d ago
But the thing is that I'm a huge resistance fan. I'm terrified for the series that it may be in the hands of a middle class developer...
n4gisatroll  +   1458d ago
Sony never lost them. They are still making 2nd party games for Sony, but they are also doing 3rd party stuff. Why is that bad?
NeloAnjelo  +   1457d ago
Sony isn't losing Insomniac. They never had them to begin with. Insomniac wants to maintain freedom of choice and their own independence. Nothing's wrong with that. Doesn't mean that the games won't be as good, or lose its quality. In fact they've always been what they want to be... unique and self regulated.

Insomniac has grown over the years, which is partially due to the PS2's success... remember all the great Ratchet and Clank Adverts? Sony still owns the IPs. What ever happens once we still get games from these Franchises and from Insomniac, then no one loses.
Tzuno  +   1457d ago
Sony losing Insomniac 'Ain't the End of the World' yes but it's the beginning of a new era for them bwuahahahhhhh!!!!

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