Will Metal Gear Solid 4 really boost PS3 sales?

Games Radar writes, "It's been the rallying cry of Sony fanboys from the beginning. Things might be bad right now, but you just wait until Metal Gear Solid 4. Then we'll see the PlayStation 3 rise up to conquer, just like the PS2 did, and you'll all be sorry for doubting it."

"But will we really? There's a very good argument that Metal Gear's release won't make the blindest bit of difference to the PS3's fortunes as a format, however good it turns out to be (and there's every chance that it will be brilliant). The reason? Things just don't work that way any more."

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Boink3880d ago

but the same argument was said that everyone who would buy halo 3 already has a 360, so it likely won't increase hardware sales.

and that turned out to be brutally wrong.

Violater3880d ago

I do not have any shares in MS, Sony or Nintendo, I couldn't care less about the amount of money they make.
At this point the ridiculous amount of good games coming out for all the systems I will have to start renting and purchasing very very selectively.

sonarus3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Ps3 has or had price factor and no compelling games. MGS will sell consoles cus thats wat software does. Mario galaxy will see wii's, halo sold 360's, mgs4 will sell ps3's. There is no if or buts, the game industry is expanding but i still feel the casual gamers are still the lesser audience. They are the ones who buy wii's plus ps3 has casual games little big planet should be huge for those seeking casual experiences. MGS4 is for hardcore mgs4 fans and those who have liked the series in the past. Its the final chapter it looks great and the curiousity of what kojima will do in this game will make enough 360 only owners buy ps3's. You can disagree but a lot of you have prob started saving up to buy one for mgs4. MGS is a great game. Software sells consoles thats jst wat it does. It is not possible for mgs hardcore to be those owning ps3's currently there are enough ppl who havnt played any mgs but will buy it. This is what happens when a great game comes out. Konami knws they have a great game and thats why they are simplifying the controls(against my wishes:() to cater more to the new gamers who are picking it up for the 1st time. I am gonna save this article, he says its doubtful lol he dosent even say he dosen't knw its doubtful. he needs to read ign impressions of the game where they clearly say "YOU WILL BUY MGS4". I knw i will, will you lol

SlappyMcTaint3880d ago

This article sponsored by M$: spreading anti-PS3 FUD any and every way possible...

EZCheez3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

I know i'm the odd one out on this though.

And i'm having a hard time with that quote "Just wait for MGS4" because there really weren't that many people saying it.

Sony has started to prove what most of us have known all along with the games recently released and with others soon to be. One game will not be what's needed to save their system. GAMES will. I like MGS4 but if you asked me to buy a PS3 just for that game, I would laugh in your face.

Now if you showed me Uncharted, Warhawk, GT5, KZ2, LBP, and others along with it THEN you would have my attention.

NEO_X3880d ago

not with the dude im replying to though (because I totally agree with you thats a very very valid point)
truth is the ps3 install base is already growing with or mgs4 and all mgs4 is going to do is further that. Also unlike Halo it doesnt have as huge a fanbase here in the U.S (although its still rather large) but in Japan its pretty huge and it will increase the worldwide PS3 owner numbers up alot which means more 3rd partys will release more games on it and finally it means that the PS3 is going to continue to grow at the alarming rate it has these last 2 months

Muppetmeat3880d ago

So another Microsoft fan wrote another editorial. Big f'in deal.

ry-guy3880d ago

Really? That's funny because when I loaded the article their banner was advertising Sony's 2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo Media.

Wanna try again?

PS3PCFTW3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Above me: zune plays bmg music, 360 plays disney dvds, sony computers use windows os. SO WTF is your point?

i truly love how people try to make sense, but end up looking ignorant and lacking intelligence.
----------------------------- ----------------------
Ok... well lets focus on mgs. LETS FOCUS ON ONE GAME AND NOT THE 12 OR SO EXClUSIVES THAT THE PS3 HAS FOR NEXT YEAR...YES!!! LETS FORGET ALL THE GENRES COVERED IN ITS FIRST AND SECOND YEAR!!!lets deny home is coming out. LETS ALSO FORGET bluray is whipping hddvds ass right now.ha! while were at it lets also forget the ps3s failure rate and the fact that online is free..let us overlook the linux capabilities. LETS OVERLOOK EVERYTHING THAT MAKES THE PS3 SUPERIOR TO ANY console OUT.
nice try xbots but you lose again.

lmfao at the bot who wrote this so they can feel better at night and the worried bot who posted this on this site.I mean when will you guys stop and accept reality?

first it was psn cant and wont be free
followed by we dont need a next gen format
hddvd comes OUT and xbots go apeshit over it
right after that:hddvd will own bluray
then we dont need hdmi
yet everyone praises the elite
we dont need wifi
THE 360 does not rrod!!
Ps3 is more expensive
we dont need this
we dont need that
were happy paying for laggy servers
were happy that our console rrods
we love how all our games go to pc
We dont need home

the list goes on and on and on

HAHA anyone notice the trend by XBOTS??? LMFAO.

save some money, invest in the future of this gaming generation AND PLAY BEYOND.

WEVE ALL seen what the dirty campaign that hddvd ran against bluray got them: nothing.
expect this xbot campaign against ps3 to accomplish nothing as well.

get ajob, save some money, buy a ps3. stop wasting your time with ANTI SONY halfass college papers

Led Zeppelin3880d ago


Does sony pay you? Or do you choose to orgasm over them for free?

Really, why all the hatred over a goddamn toy? Why can't you just chill your nerd-rage filled self out, and realize that both consoles have their merits and flaws.

People like you need to take some Ritalin and gtfo the internet.

PS3PCFTW3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

what happened? did i hurt your feelings?

do i troll the internet to post flame bait here?

LOL. youre pathetic AS ARE THE OTHER BOTS WHO CLICK ON THE "-" sign next to the bubbles.

same people that cant make apoint but resort to calling people names online....haha. seems i struck a nerve between you bots.....yet you cant respond in ANY FASHION. simply because everything ive said in my previous post IS TRUE. THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN SAY.

here let me further clarify: every ps3 game that comes out you guys compare it to gears of war.....a 1 year old game. The same game FOR WHICH THE 360 WAS DESIGEND FOR. ever wonder why no other games come close to the graphics in that game? LOL....shouldnt halo3 surpass gow graphics? HAHA..........yet it doesnt. halo3 doesnt even support 720p natively.....u guys have no answer to that one either. LOL.

THE ONLY thing you bots can do is keep taking bubbles away hoping to silence a account online that breaks your hearts when he reveals the truth to u. A TRUTH U CANT ACCEPT. THE 360 WILL LOSE THIS GENERATION.

theres nothing you guys can do about it, not writing antisony reports not namecalling not even hittin disagrees or taking away the opportunity for someone to speak facts on this here site.

So while all of you scrub the floors looking for any dirt, ill hit you with the real facts. THE ONES THAT snap you back from the delusion youve created for yourself, the ones that you try to deny but deep down inside cant overcome.

SO go ahead, take all the bubbles away. Ill just create another account and come back to remind u what a failure the 360 is WHEN ANTI SONY THREADS ARE MADE. 85 percent of the world agrees with me.......the other 15% being impatient americans who couldnt wait FOR A TRU NEXT GEN SYSTEM. THOSE that "jumped in" to the rrod.......i laugh at all of u for being impatient.

So hold youre american victory high in the air. AMERICA CANT TAKE ON THE WORLD THOUGH. THIS FACT will be the demise of your beloved bill gates box.LOL HDDVD/360 FTW!!!!!!!

I hope to have popped the little bubble you guys live in, as my previous post........and could care less if you diminish this account to 0 bubbles.

theres plenty of other sites where xbots dont roam free with their nonsense or are as ignorant as they are on this site. Just remember that theres always others that see the big picture and look at worldwide sales not just america.

So go ahead , hit disagree.........the truth hurts doesnt it? With this i welcome you back to a little place called earth, a place where sony is a far more innovative and successful hardware company than ms will ever be.

The failure of the 360 is are all of the insecurities the bots feel when they read positive sony news.
Or when they read my posts, your actions here prove it.........youre all one of a kind.

Led Zeppelin3880d ago

"I'll be back with new accounts"

Do you even have a life? Have you ever seen the sun?

GET A LIFE. I don't care about PS3 or 360, but people like you really need to chill the hell out.

Snukadaman3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

"SO go ahead, take all the bubbles away. Ill just create another account and come back to remind u what a failure the 360 is WHEN ANTI SONY THREADS ARE MADE."

I bet dude has more then 4 accounts right now and even sometimes logs onto the others and agree's with what his other account says...truly a ridiculous way of life too promote the sony lifestyle.

only little kids list sheit they own...its one of those.."hey look at me things"...your parents love you...good for you. but seriously...where are your valid got 2 posts where you talk about "go ahead and kill this account" whining's... there is no way this guy is 22...12 i will belive.

PS3PCFTW3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

i have 1 account.1 gaming pc /3 desktops/1 macbook/3 laptops/1 ps3/ 2 70 inchers/ 1 40incher/ several mp3 players/ 1 ipod and 1 23incher for the kitchen......just to give you a SMALL idea of "THIS IS LIVING" Im 22 and loving life 1 shiny hitech gadget at a time.
(At poster above me .EDIT: you stated "SONY LIFESTYLE" im merely clarifying it for u./edit)

ask mods to do ip check.

But like i said before, day in day out anti sony threads are created..........i answer from my smartphone anywhere i may be throught the evdo network, wether that be taking a sh1t, stuck in traffic/waiting at the drive thru in my audi or mercedes. I answer when im at home or at work. I even answer threads when im christmas shopping with my girl. That right there answers the negative comments about my life.

I FIND IT funny however that no replys were made to my POINTS and FACTS ABOUT YOU GUYS. NO REBUTTALS, no intelligent conversation regarding the other topic at hand.....360 is doomed. All i got was attacks against my person, just like i stated in my previous posts.......which are unedited. BUT NOT ONE REMARK OR EVEN ATTEMPT AT MAKING A VALID REBUTTAL AGAINST THE POINTS I RAISE? come on......the smell of your defeat is evident by your not responding intelligently.

I also find it funny as hell that the mart, bloodmask,firstknight and lawman001 along with others commit far more ridiculous posts DAILY...with no facts just personal opinions.....yet those are O.k. simply becus they defend 360 which u guys love with the same fire i love everything outside of this site.Its rather funny if you look at it as a whole, not as certain slices of the pie which u choose to focus on.

so go ahead kill this account with your defamatory remarks. Just remember everyone else will remember and laugh when your beloved 360 meets the same fate xbox 1 did.

bsod and rrod are um yeah, try and make a valid point. Just remember that all playstation consoles started off slow then wound up demolishing all competition... Wether it be gaming classics as sega and nintendo or neo geo TO more powerful hardware as dreamcast /jaguar/3d0/ n64 or xbox1. theres no way around it.

I DARE YOU TO TRY AND RAISE A VALID POINT....i pretty much covered all the bases in my 3 posts. accept defeat........actually you already have, by resorting to personal attacks instead of addressing the points i raise.

Thanks for proving my point

Led Zeppelin3880d ago

Audi? Mercedes? Girlfriend?

I bet you have none of those. You are probably some lame nerd who has nothing better to do then blindly support a company that doesn't give a sh1t about you except how much money you give them.


Oilers Fan3880d ago

Lol did u have your period today or something, so basically what your saying is that you spend your life on this website just to defend a TOY. You need to get a life, seriously. Not only you spend your days checking this website, you spend your days trying to defend a freakin machine. Not even a person, A MACHINE. Let me guess, after posting all this stuff you probably feel good about yourself, and you go home and your life is much better right? Your quality of life improves because u defend a machine. Wow buddy u need to get your priorities straight if you care about a machine that bad. Your just as bad as the xbox 360 fanboys that you hate, all you people care about is a machine. A MACHINE. Something that is not living, that does not return anything to you for defending it. I hope sony does see these messages so they can give you some sort of prize, i would hate to see all your work go for waste. What do you do at night when your not playing your machine, do you stick the controllers up your ass and get pleasure out of it?

PS3PCFTW3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

lol. just like i said before. no valid points. EVER.

just baseless personal attacks. reminds me of hddvd and ms marketing. just like them you guys also fail.

ILL RAISE THE STAKES. post a picture of what u drive, and ill post a picture of what i drive with my handle on it:" ps3pcftw".

LMFAO.........i expect some pics or a actual intelligent response. Hell ill even take a response from the chimpanzee who beat those students at that game.

Oilers Fan3880d ago

What valid points are you talking about, unlike you, im not a dumbass blind fanboy that cares who wins the console wars. I dont have to worry about which console wins the race, i dont need that to be happy in my life you dumb little fanboy.

Led Zeppelin3880d ago

Go on. Let's see your car. Really.

Oh wait. Out of bubbles. Too bad.

I guess people got tired of your bullsh1t and shut you up.

Snukadaman3880d ago

No seriously..what sort of child says ill raise the stakes and show you a picture of my car....cmon kid...your suppose too have valid points...not idiotic "my penis is bigger then yours" type of dont do it for me a pic of your girl with giant breasts holding your name on it and putting her hand down your pants and you win this ridiculous contest...

Saint Sony3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

I'll raise the stakes, I show you my d!ck with "saint sony" written on it 20 times in row with large letters. How is that?.. then you show us your car ok?

Seriously kid, what are you trying to prove here? Just because your mom or dad pays your gadgets does not make any of them any better than anyone elses. Get a life you punk. Your choice of gadgets are as important as cows decision to eat grass instead of drinking water to this community.

"Im 22 and loving life 1 shiny hitech gadget at a time."... that .. that is like the most saddest things I've heard in ages, true Oscar worthy act. Incredible how stupid you sound to me and I bet to many others. Your life is your shiny gadgets... good luck kid, you really need it. You're 22, brainwashed with gadgets. I could be your father but thank god I'm not. I would kill myself as a total failure.

jojo3193879d ago

Didn't Bill Gates have something to do with the Lindburgh baby kidnapping? Whatever happened to debate based on FACTS? I swear N4G is going to need to add a separate server for my ignore list alone. All this place is anymore is "FU SONY fanboy" and "FU XBOT". Somebody needs to moderate this crap.

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Gamingisfornerds3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

This isn't a game for the masses, atleast I don't think it is here in Europe anyway.

I think a game like God of War 3 does have the potential to shift many, many PS3's. Same goes for Killzone 2 whether it lives up to the hype or not.

I just don't see a stealth game moving all that many systems, though I'm sure the game itself will sell well enough.

Edit @ below: I sincerely doubt it, though I don't mind been proved wrong. I guess will just have to wait and see. ;)

Real gamer 4 life3880d ago

I bet you it will sell 500k ps3 in the month that the game is released. And so will final fantasy.

stunt2133880d ago

ummmmmmmmmm.... yeah!!!

gaffyh3880d ago

Final Fantasy X did sell a million PS2s in Japan in when it was launched, so I can see that happening again. Also I can see a big boost in sales for PS3 when MGS4 comes out, it will be a system seller, as MGS2 was for PS2.

PS3 Limps on and on3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Lets be honest, how much did Halo 3 really help XBOX 360 sales? The huge affect seemed to have lasted really only a month or so. September was the only month it outsold Wii. Sales came down a bit in October.

Great games and more price adjustments will certainly help PS3 have a big year in 2008. But It's not like MGS4 is just gonna turn the PS3 around just overnight.

sonarus3880d ago

it wnt turn it around over night no 1 game can do that. a collective effort of a number of games mgs4, kz2, gt5, gow3, ff13 those giving ps3 significant boosts released at the right time exact to the day will start a chain reaction lol. MGS4 will sell ps3's cus mgs is a playstation game its wat most ppl think of when they think of playstation. all mgs needs is media hype and it will take off good reviews and media hype all those games need that for the chain reaction. but seriously saying mgs wnt sell ps3's is either extreme pessimism or jst fanboy bs. if ur into fps's you can buy mgs cus u can play in fps mode(against ma wishes once again) they are adding so much into the game so all gamers can get into it. Common mgs4 is an easy game of the yr contender since when did game's of the yr not sell consoles oh they do sell consoles jst not ps3's. fanboy bs

Afterburn3880d ago

you do have to realize a point of the Halo franchise selling XBOXes - if it sold only for one month, but sold a lot of hardware, then those new users are now installed and going to be looking for more titles. This drives software sales down the road, so saying it only sold for one month kind of shorts the overall benefit of it.

TheZippo3879d ago

How many more price adjustments do you want it to make? The PS3 has already had what 2 or 3 price drops. That only being during their first year. I don't ever remember any other console dropping prices that soon after launch. I think $399 is a great deal for what was once a $599 machine. I think the next price adjustment may come from Microsoft. Only after they suck the wallets of Christmas shoppers.

As for Metal Gear being a system seller. I'm sure it will sell some but not everyone likes Metal Gear. The BIG system seller for PS3 will be Final Fantasy for sure.

BigKev453880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

just a wii bit. HAHA.

razer3880d ago

classic comment!! and I agree.. a Wii bit indeed.

Real gamer 4 life3880d ago

But that synonymity is the problem. Hardcore MGS fans are often hardcore Sony fans as well, meaning that a lot of those machines Snake will sell have actually already been sold. And don’t go thinking that this is going to be a situation like Gran Turismo, where a hardcore game sold a metric shedload of consoles by having massive cross-over appeal. GT sold to the masses because it was about driving. It was a hardcore game about something that everyone relates to in real life. Metal Gear Solid 4 isn’t.

THis is the samething that Sony fanboys said about Halo 3. Everybody that wants halo 3 already bought a 360, but sony fans learned that they was wrong halo was a system seller. And Metal gear solid would also be a system seller point blan period.

Gamingisfornerds3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

FPS's are very pick up and play, as are racing and hack&slash games. Stealth games are just too "complicated" for the masses. They don't have the patience for games like this.

It just doesn't appeal to them in that way. MGS4 doesn't have that 'hook' games like God of War 3, GT, Halo 3 etc have.

sonarus3880d ago

true mgs4 is complicated and thats why i love it but they have fpsmode for ppl who are into that. i do see the pick up and play point but there are mgs fans who are xbox 360 fans as well. you are under estimating the mgs fan base a little. All mgs needs to do is yell now with a new fps mode and those who find it complicated can play the fps mode. IN mgs4 you can dive on ur belly and roll on ur back you can crawl on your back and throw grenades over your shoulder. Wat gamer can resist this i dunno. MGS is succesful cus its always one of those games that go a step beyond others. Some may say mgs3 didnt sell as well as 2 cus of mgs1 was still fresh in ppls minds. I say mgs3 didnt sell as well cus it didnt take as many extra steps as 1 or 2. And thats cus both were on ps2 they are making the jump to new hardware. If mgs4 sells less than 2 then they should jst end it there no need for any more spin offs. MGS4 estimated sales. by the end of 2008 2.5 million in JP, 5.5 million NA, 3.5 million EU

jjfunaz3880d ago

Halo2 sold 3x as many units as MGS3 did.

Halo, if you want to believe it or not, is a bigger franchise then mgs is. Not saying its better or worse, or anything just bigger. More people bought halo1 then mgs2 on ps2 and so on.

MGS series is a very niche market, the game plot is very complex and deeply rooted in previous games that leave new commers often very confused.

If you ask someone who really like mgs3 I bet they played mgs2 and mgs as well. Most people didn't jump into the story with MGS3 they were already established fans of the franchise.

That being said I do believe that mgs4 will sell systems. The fans of the series on the fence waiting for a few more games to come out before shelling out 400 bucks on a system. Who cares though cause i wanna play the damn game already