PS BLOG: More Eco: Naughty Dog Remembers 10 Years of Jak and Daxter

It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years since Jak and Daxter found their way onto PlayStation 2 and into the gaming world. We are delighted at the place the franchise has found amongst the gaming community and the mark it has left on the platformer genre in particular. Given that we’re so close to the 10th anniversary, looking back at some of the work that went into making those awesome games seems to be in order. It’s amazing to recall just how the development of the Jak and Daxter franchise has progressed and just how far we’ve come.

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BioWareShocker2447d ago

I wonder if they'll show up in Title Fight.

SoapShoes2447d ago

Jak collection OFFICIAL!!! No more rumors, it's coming and I can't wait!

BuT_TeR2447d ago Show
smashcrashbash2447d ago

I loved how well ND turned Jak and Daxter dark and still keep it interesting and engaging. Most people can't change the tone of anything without screwing it up.But they managed to do it.

I especially love Daxter's faithfulness to Jak. He searched every where for him when he disappeared and risked his life to save him and even stuck with him when he found out he was infected with dark eco. THAT is a real friend

Cajun Chicken2447d ago

Personally, I found it really engaging how Jak aged with me, I played the series from High School all the way to College. By the time of Jak 2, 'we' were roughly the same age.