Assassin's Creed Limited Edition

This rare Limited Edition package features a number of bonus materials for fans of the game. Packed inside a special tin box, the Limited Edition features a figurine of lead hero Altair, a set of Penny Arcade comics, a Mini-strategy guide, Assassin-themed short films, and additional Assassin's Creed videos (including: making-of, trailers, developer diaries, interviews, etc.)

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vgn243943d ago

That this Limited Edition contains commissioned work by Penny-Arcade and it's the only game they've defended lately? Kinda interesting that they get paid to produce content for a game, defend that game against reviewers, but attack Sony for defending Lair against reviewers?

NEO_X3943d ago

Im going to have to dissagree with you on that one.
I think Lair at least before its update was near unplayable for people like me who have gotten so used to the analog stick.
Assassins creed is a very good game and honestly i think they overhyped it to the point where the reviewers decided to pummel it.
Also I think that after getting critisized for giving out so many 10's the reviewers decided to start being a little more harsh.

vgn243943d ago

Bigger picture here fella. Bigger picture. Forget whatever game it was. The point is that they came of pretty hypocritical point fingers at a company with a vested interest in a game when they turn around and criticize reviewers for panning a game that they have a vested interest in. i.e. Assassin's Creed shouldn't get any negative reviews because PA got paid to produce content for it?

I love Penny-Arcade. They're hilarious. But it's a big pot calling the kettle black when suddenly the tables are turned and it's their product (by association) that's getting criticized.

socomnick3943d ago

yea but lair cant be defended it was a disaster.

tonsoffun3943d ago

How come all that stuff wasn't included in the standard limited edition Assasins creed?

That totally blows - Have everything included in the standard limited edition.

ATLRoAcH3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

...because there was only a limited amount of the Limited Editions produced.Every limited edition had all these things.

tonsoffun3943d ago

My Limited edition (it clearly states this on the front of the box) only has the 12" resin statue of Altair and the game nowt else.

So I am assuming that there is multiple limited edition versions?

GIJeff3943d ago

this version of the game work?

tonsoffun3943d ago

mine works fine, what you need to do is use that black thing with the sticks on it. it is called a Control Pad.

Bubble Buddy3943d ago

i say it's not worth it. i bought it ad it's not worth the ten extra bucks and 2 bucks extra tax. the comic is very short, the guide is like useless, i didn't even need it. the game is already clear on what you need to do and the guide only adds bits of hints that you can find on the internet. the dvd was okay, and the altair figure was crazy, but other than dat, not worth your ten extra bucks.

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