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Submitted by ssb3173 1527d ago | article

62 people you can marry in Skyrim

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell: Got your eye on a Nord? Check the list below: (PC, PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360)

BioWareShocker  +   1527d ago
I'm still playing it single!
CrimsonEngage  +   1527d ago
You should really get married in Skyrim. It has it's benefits. I married Ysolda and she has a store and will give you gold from the profit she makes.
slayorofgods  +   1527d ago
Your a gold digger
teedogg80  +   1527d ago
Where can I meet this Ysolda lady?
Are_The_MaDNess  +   1527d ago
read the article
SwampCroc  +   1527d ago
I married Ysolda also.... she's my special lady friend...

I have her shacked up with Lydia down at Breezehome... However, everytime I come home from my travels I always see a Guard or some random "Male" character leaving my house...

Pretty sure Ysolda and Lydia are running a whore house when I'm out trying to cleanse the world of Skyrim.

Hoes have no respect.
FCOLitsjustagame  +   1527d ago
Just dont let her walk out of the church without talking to her or you may never ever see her again like me.

Though I dont think she is done as I think I would inherit money from her. She is simply missing. Ive looked everywhere. I walked the entire path from Riften to Whiterun. I have broken into her house multiple times. Shes just gone. Probably shacked up with some highway man somewhere.
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krazeecain  +   1526d ago
@teedogg80 You can usually find her around the market stands in Whiterun. (in front of the alchemy shop and inn.)
Miths  +   1526d ago

Try going back to the church in Riften. One of my characters also had her wife walk out on her before the ceremony was barely over, and I thought she was gone for good. Someone suggested that I go back to the church, and sure enough, she was there waiting and if I recall correctly the post-ceremony dialogue triggered immediately.
Iroquois_Pliskin  +   1526d ago
I martied Muiri, shes the prettiest npc you can marry. Plus she opens a shop that gives gold every 24 hours (in game)
SwampCroc  +   1526d ago

any vendor you marry will be available 24/7....

Ysolda the one I have also sells or buys stuff around the clock..

so it's not just Muiri...
Army_of_Darkness  +   1527d ago
if you purposely try to get married in this game mainly for the fact of wanting to be married..
Then your a homo

@crimson, fair enough;)
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slayorofgods  +   1527d ago
Lessons in homosexuality form a guy with a girl avatar.
SuperNerd  +   1527d ago
What r u talking about dude
FFXI101  +   1527d ago
How many times can we get marry in the Skyrim? cause my wife in the game got kill by the elder dragon.
unknownhero1123  +   1527d ago
only one time i'm afraid.
FFXI101  +   1527d ago
thanks for the reply, that sucks though. I wish we could marry more than once.
Ezetta  +   1526d ago
If you play the PC version, you can remarry! Here's how:
GentileSlayr  +   1527d ago
It sucks that there is only one Redguard woman 2 marry. Just like the real world, hard 2 find a good black woman! btw does anyone know any console codes for redguard female NPCs?
spike  +   1527d ago
This game is for nerds. If you want to get married try getting a real life.
Faelan  +   1527d ago
As someone who is married in real life, I can tell you that it's highly overrated. Still trying to find the power button on my wife.
HardCover  +   1526d ago
"Get married" and "real life" are a bad mix. I'd rather keep those two things as separate as possible.
TheWolverine  +   1527d ago
i havent even had the option yet.
Mykky  +   1527d ago
Buy the amulet of mara or something in the pub in riften by a hooded guy. U must wear it to be able to get married.
WooHooAlex  +   1527d ago
I will marry the attractive ones and kill and rob the ugly ones.
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TopDudeMan  +   1527d ago
I'll go with Aela since I already know her.
arjman  +   1527d ago
Duh, Mjoll the Lioness all the way
GuruStarr78  +   1526d ago


I married Mjoll, its cool because she can come with you as a companion as well and gives you money often..... I'm a pimp.
arjman  +   1526d ago
wirapuru  +   1526d ago
You have a much more informative and useful list at http://elderscrolls.wikia.c... if anyone is interested.

I don't know who copied from who but honestly I don't know why ssb3173 sent the lamest 'copy' here..
Coke-a-Cola  +   1526d ago
There is a BUG ( big surprise ) ....... after you find the person of your dreams , You can not marry them even thought they are on the list . Eric the Slayer is one ....... sweet guy and a hell of a good fighter . Will not marry .

I hope Bethesda will patch this ........ as my life is an empty mess without his hand .

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