62 people you can marry in Skyrim

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell: Got your eye on a Nord? Check the list below:

CrimsonEngage1610d ago

You should really get married in Skyrim. It has it's benefits. I married Ysolda and she has a store and will give you gold from the profit she makes.

teedogg801610d ago

Where can I meet this Ysolda lady?

Are_The_MaDNess1610d ago

read the article

SwampCroc1609d ago

I married Ysolda also.... she's my special lady friend...

I have her shacked up with Lydia down at Breezehome... However, everytime I come home from my travels I always see a Guard or some random "Male" character leaving my house...

Pretty sure Ysolda and Lydia are running a whore house when I'm out trying to cleanse the world of Skyrim.

Hoes have no respect.

FCOLitsjustagame1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Just dont let her walk out of the church without talking to her or you may never ever see her again like me.

Though I dont think she is done as I think I would inherit money from her. She is simply missing. Ive looked everywhere. I walked the entire path from Riften to Whiterun. I have broken into her house multiple times. Shes just gone. Probably shacked up with some highway man somewhere.

krazeecain1609d ago

@teedogg80 You can usually find her around the market stands in Whiterun. (in front of the alchemy shop and inn.)

Miths1609d ago


Try going back to the church in Riften. One of my characters also had her wife walk out on her before the ceremony was barely over, and I thought she was gone for good. Someone suggested that I go back to the church, and sure enough, she was there waiting and if I recall correctly the post-ceremony dialogue triggered immediately.

Iroquois_Pliskin1609d ago

I martied Muiri, shes the prettiest npc you can marry. Plus she opens a shop that gives gold every 24 hours (in game)

SwampCroc1609d ago


any vendor you marry will be available 24/7....

Ysolda the one I have also sells or buys stuff around the clock..

so it's not just Muiri...

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Army_of_Darkness1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Then your a homo

@crimson, fair enough;)

slayorofgods1610d ago

Lessons in homosexuality form a guy with a girl avatar.

SuperNerd1610d ago

What r u talking about dude

FFXI1011610d ago

How many times can we get marry in the Skyrim? cause my wife in the game got kill by the elder dragon.

FFXI1011609d ago

thanks for the reply, that sucks though. I wish we could marry more than once.

Ezetta1609d ago

If you play the PC version, you can remarry! Here's how:

GentileSlayr1610d ago

It sucks that there is only one Redguard woman 2 marry. Just like the real world, hard 2 find a good black woman! btw does anyone know any console codes for redguard female NPCs?

spike1610d ago

This game is for nerds. If you want to get married try getting a real life.

Faelan1610d ago

As someone who is married in real life, I can tell you that it's highly overrated. Still trying to find the power button on my wife.

HardCover1609d ago

"Get married" and "real life" are a bad mix. I'd rather keep those two things as separate as possible.

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