Rant: Xbox Live Anonymity Promotes Disrespect

Profanity, racism and gay bashing; oh my! These are just a few of the types of things you're likely to hear when you log onto Xbox Live for a little multiplayer action.

Younger players often take the rap for a lot of these issues, but here at 360 Rant Rave we've heard our fair share of racism and profanity-laced tirades from gamers of all ages. It seems that Xbox Live anonymity has the unfortunate side-effect of turning most gamers into trucker-mouthed idiots. Also, don't get us wrong. 360 Rant Rave doesn't mean to single out Xbox Live (since this is an issue with virtually anywhere you can game online), but since this is an Xbox 360 site, that's where our focus is.

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CNIVEK3944d ago

Ignorance and inbreeding promote racism and homophobic hate....NOT gaming online. The anonymity of being able to hide behind the ethernet curtain only allows it to happen without consequence. :o

Frag Monger3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

LOL. Did you even read the article? I doubt it, becuase that's exactly the point of the article. Nowhere does it say that gaming promotes/cuases racism and homophobic hate. In fact, the 2nd MAIN point in the article says that the anonymity afforded by gaming online just lets out what's already there (i.e. 'tru nature').

Next time READ the article you're commenting on before you post!

Mark 13944d ago

Home will be 1,000,000 times worse, with all the Sony Scum. The height of intolerance and denial. Warhawk is already far worse for mindless insults and threats and it has a fraction of the users of Halo 3.

eLiNeS3944d ago

just really gay!

This problem will be or is just as bad on the PS3 as Xbox Live and there is no stopping it. Best thing to do is just report them and mute the bastards.

Delive3944d ago

I politly disagree with your opinion. I have both systems and By Far, I have seen more of this unacceptable behavior on live. Example, in CoD4, there was a guy who waited until the screen for loading the round was on (Where it does not show who is talking) and clearly stated "I hate N######", each round. I only listened to it for 3 rounds, after that, I looked for a more mature room. This is not to say that the PS3 does not have the same, it happens there too, but I see it more on live. And being a Service that I pay to use, more options should be available to me to avoid this (unplug my mic, but not hear my friends, Mute the offender if it is available and you can see who said it, private rooms with only people I know or just not play online at all).

eLiNeS3944d ago

The reason you hear it more on Xbox Live, right NOW, is because the Xbox 360 comes bundled with a headset versus the PS3 that doesn't, and There are over 8 million gamers on Xbox Live versus a few thousand on the PSN. If and when the PSN ever gets to the size of the Xbox Live community it will see the same behavior we see now on Xbox Live. If you disagree for any reason then you are completely retarded and ignorant.

homo might be worst just because you interact with the whole community where Xbox live you interact with people differently in each game, each genre has a different feeling, some worst then others. homo you will also be able to invite ones to your pad and there could be personal videos playing on the TV, I could only imagine but of your bait and tackle possibly, that for sure makes homo worst.

Delive3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

In your comment, you validated my point. Your obviously biased toward the 360 (HOMO?) and would go to worlds end to defend your opinion and degrade anyone who opposes you in the process. Your point of Live coming with a headset and PS3 not is false. I have bought 2 360s (Both with their own live account) and 1 PS3. None of which came with a headset. In a comparison of CoD4 on both systems (I have both I like it so much), on PS3, I played an hour with a pair of self proclaimed rednecks and self proclaimed dirty South Thugs and not one racist comment was spoken. Not saying it doesn't happen on a PS product (SOCOM was horrible), but due to your point (8 mil+ people), I am more likely to encounter it on 360. Does that justify it? No. And on my point (A service I pay for), I should be better compensated as a customer. I have more friends on the 360 that I work with and play with them when they are on. But in the time devided between the 2, I find my experience less stressful (for the listed reasons) on the PS3 version of CoD4.

I know the answer is coming. "Then don't play" or "Then play on the PS3". I have already heard it. So please, reply with an Unbiased opinion, state true facts, leave the childish ranting behind (If you disagree for any reason then you are completely retarded and ignorant) and grammer check. I respect all thought out opinions with valid points and without the needless flaming and biased BS. It's all about the gaming, right? Game on and enjoy yourself.

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xsteinbachx3944d ago

It's not just xbox live i just had a 12 yr old last night call me a "N*gger", and a "F*cking *sshole" after i told him to stop eating his mic. If you ever took away that anonymity away though i could start seeing alot of people getting hurt from psychos.

P4KY B3944d ago

I just wish someone would teach the americans some insults which dont involve mothers and male genitalia.

Mr_Kuwabara3944d ago

Ol' righty ol' chap, I will go all "berries and cream, berries and cream oh I'm a little lad who loves berries and creeaaamm!" on all em' users...

jmoneezie3944d ago

Okey dokey P4KY B, and what type of insults should we teach the rest of the world or do you only have your head up your @$$ about Americans.

socomnick3944d ago

I actually enjoy playing with British people. I always learn new swear words when playing with them. Especially the Irish Im still trying to figure out what a dinglepoper is ?

Frrrrrrunkis3944d ago

I told some Brit to "suck my bangers and mash".. he musta found it pretty funny because he sent me a friend invite afterwards.

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Rooted_Dust3944d ago

Trash talk is as much a part of the gaming culture as anything and people should expect to be on the receiving end while playing online.

Frag Monger3944d ago

I agree. I just wanted to explore the two issues of 'fear' and 'true nature' as underlying causes.

Frulond3944d ago

love the story pic mwahahahaha

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