Top-Selling Xbox Live Arcade Titles Available Tomorrow at Discounted Prices with Launch of Xbox LIVE Arcade Hits

This week's Xbox LIVE Arcade Wednesday is coming a day early with the Tuesday, Dec. 4 launch of the Arcade Hits program (tomorrow), offering some of the best-selling Xbox LIVE Arcade games at permanently reduced prices. Timed with the Xbox LIVE Fall Update, Arcade Hits can be found within the Xbox LIVE Arcade section of the new Game Store, making it easier than ever to build a library of great downloadable games.

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ENNO3910d ago

That game still sells like crazy at its current price but its only a matter of time before we see it in the classics section ;)

WilliamRLBaker3910d ago

i got uno....cept ive not touched it been to busy with halo 3 and cod 4 and now mario galaxy.

TheMART3910d ago

"“Lumines LIVE!” (Q Entertainment Inc.). “Lumines LIVE!” is a deep and entertaining game experience, enhanced with vibrant music and newly designed skins that players can custom-select in Skin Edit mode. The game will be available for 800 Microsoft Points."

Uhm... isn't that price already been a fixed price from 1200 to 800 for some time and will stay that way?

ry-guy3910d ago

N+ will be the game to get man.

The original N was a blast!

BIGBAER3910d ago

It's a damned addictive game. Free too! Personally I love Xbox Live Arcade. Pool, Poker and Uno are great multiplayer games. Others are fantastic single player diversions (addictions?).

All in all, I own 36 Arcade games. I'll add Small Arms tomorrow. The others, I own already.

natural07213910d ago

oh this really sucks I will not be able to get the cheaper prices or even see the new update since I got the bull 3 lights of death sun.this is going to be my third one.Instead of putting all there time on the xbox live why don't they make a better product that last more than a year. in all my gaming history dated back to the 2600 I never had this much problem with a game system, figures its american made

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