Call of Duty 5 likely not to be developed by Infinity Ward

With the newly merged Activision Blizzard's desire to turn the Call of Duty, Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero franchises into "yearly franchises" it looks likely that Infinity Ward will not be developing Call of Duty 5.

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SmokeyMcBear3733d ago

boooooooo cod4 was quite nice

MrPink3733d ago

they'll probably sell the whole thing off to EA and we'll see crappy COD ports for the ps3 just about every year from now. The differece between COD 7 and COD 8 will be two new weapons and different loading screens.

Ri0tSquad3733d ago

"The differece between COD 7 and COD 8 will be two new weapons and different loading screens."

Unfortunately I feel the same exact thing will happen.

stunt2133733d ago

ehhh so i prolly wont buy it then because call of duty 2 and 4 are the best one and the 3rd is aight

SlappyMcTaint3733d ago

Spot fcking on Mr PInk!! My thoughts exactly. bubble for you

gta_cb3732d ago

who was "fcking" on him?

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3733d ago

it will be developed by the same company of COD3. IW will start working on COD6

Bull5hifT3733d ago

I think your right , a quality game takes time' they'll probrably make an amazing game after 5

its like EA games back the n they made great games like the first need for speed and medal of honor allied asault and from there they kept those franchises alive by offering a slightly new thing with the brand name and shiped it out' trash

you can expect to never get a complet game from EA cause they need to have something to dangle in front of you to keep geting them and theirs always hope they might make another great game cause of the first one

if we stop buying EA games then they'll be forced to offer somthing new and good to get us hooked again

Frulond3733d ago

awww grrr...
it's going to suck then COD1,2,4 were developed by IW, COD3 was devloped by Treyarch / Pi Studios and yes it doesnt have the same level of quality as the rest, activision is making a huge mistake imo

TheMART3733d ago

One thing I liked about COD3

Not the single player (that was weaker then COD2 and COD4), but the multiplayer was good, especially with vehicles to drive!

Just funny on the motor or the tank, the jeep and racing around the map.
And the graphics were pretty crisp and sharp also in COD3.

So I guess I will still be playing COD3 multiplayer besides COD4 single & multiplayer

Kleptic3733d ago

wow for the first time mart I actually agree with you...

I really didn't think CoD 3 was that bad when compared to the first 2 didn't have the same level of polish as the first 2, but had some additional feature stuff that made it at least ok...

the only "bad" think about it was that it pretty much fished the WWII lake dry...I pretty much knew that I wouldn't play another WWII based game ever again if I had anything to say about it...

CoD 4 is a welcome change only in the modern really doesn't do a whole lot of anything just works and plays perfectly...

CoD 5 will probably be a decent game...and then the next game that IW comes up with will be even better...

xsteinbachx3733d ago

i'm disappointed hearing that they want to pump the same franchise out every year this isn't Need for Speed you know.

joevfx3733d ago

ugh, this new merger is gonna turn this company to the new EA. they just pump gmaes out hopeing they will sell cause of the franchise name not casue its a quality game. Infinity ward has to make the new COD hands down.

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