The 10 Most Irritatingly Impossible Old-School Video Games

Bobby Ingram writes:

"In the old days, you didn't come back to a game again and again for anything as fancy as online multiplayer or user-created content. No, you came back because the games were freaking impossible. That was the only way game designers of the Nintendo Entertainment System and SNES days could extend the play time: through mindless, frustrating repetition.

These are the 10 games so infuriating, their very mention makes the hairs stand up on the back of our necks."

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InMyOpinion3885d ago

I would put Trojan (NES) as #1. Probably one of the hardest games ever made.

BIoodmask3885d ago

that I would place as extremely difficult are Ghosts N Goblins (awesome game) and Solomons Key. The funny thing is I actually enjoy games like that.

Most games these days aren't "hardcore" anymore and can be beaten by more casual type gamers. The only newer generation title that really gave me a challenge was the Ninja Gaiden series. A lot of games these days can be beaten without even dying once.

At least with games from the past you really could feal an accomplishment when you completed it bc it tested your reflexes and your will. That can't be said for most games today.

If anyone has ever played the original Ghost N Goblins you will know what I am talking about. How many of you were actually willing to tackle the frustration of going through it again with the "secret weapon" to see the "real" ending.

QQcrybaby3885d ago

Punchout is simple. After a little practice you can beat Tyson with ease.

Darkiewonder3885d ago

I rented that game when I was younger. OH MY GOD was it horrible. But I had to play it.

Man, I'm going to play Ninja gaiden again. I really love that game.

lynx1halo3885d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.