No Sony PlayStation 2 NiGHTS Outside Japan

News of the original NiGHTS game heading to the PlayStation 2 got many a SEGA fanboy's heart a-flutter. It now looks like those hearts will have to calm down a bit if they're not located in a Japanese torso. The conversion of the Saturn classic to the PS2 is for Japan only, according to NiGHTS's producer Takashi Iizuka.

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Jack Bauer3821d ago

lame... guess i gotta rebuy a wii to play night again.

Brainiac 83821d ago

Is a sequel to the original, not a remake.

BlackIceJoe3821d ago

Why is that I would have thought there would have been some people other then me that wants to play this game.

Dannagar3821d ago

Well, looks like I'll have to import a copy.

Andronix3821d ago

The producer say that there are no plans for a worldwide release because there is no worldwide demand...

Surely we can make are demands heard?!

FantasyFreak13821d ago
I never played it personally, it looks interesting, though.

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