CVG: Dark Void Preview

CVC writes, "Right, we're gonna get two words off our chests straight off the bat. Crimson. Skies. See, you won't read many previews of Dark Void without the inevitable mention of this all-but-forgotten stylised Xbox airplane shooter, which sadly joined such luminaries as Beyond Good and Evil and the ace Psychonauts in the 'bloody great but no bugger bought them' category of videogames. Which was a real shame, since it was very good indeed."

Still, it looks as if somebody pretty senior at Capcom still believes in devs Airtight Games, and the result is Dark Void. Dirge plot aside (some ancient devils who used to rule over Earth but were turned upon by humankind have risen again for vengeance) Dark Void is every inch a sexed-up next gen Crimson Skies lovechild - from its Nathan Zachary-alike chiselled hero with a giant rocket pack strapped upon his back to the very steampunk aesthetic and the presence of, yep you guessed it, all sorts of flying contraptions straight out of Terry Thomas' wildest fantasies.

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turbogeek3913d ago

is Capcom running out of ideas? without DMC4 and RE5 they're nothing

MK_Red3913d ago

Without RE and DMC Capcom is nothing!!!???
Have you ever heard of: Dead Rising, Lost Planet, Zack & Wiki, Bionic Commando, Street Fighter 4...