Empireonline Gives 4/5 To Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

Essentially Lara Croft-style grave plundering blended with intense gunplay, what makes Uncharted remarkable is its stellar production values; the motion-captured animation is amongst the best on any console, imbuing all characters with a distinct personality, and the hero's facial expressions – wincing when bullets whistle past too close for comfort, his brow knitted with concentration when swinging from a perilous platform – makes it easy to become attached to the roguish avatar.

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Brian52473797d ago

It'd have a 95% Meta-rating. These review sites should be ashamed.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3797d ago

is completely disrespectful to gaming.

Frag Monger3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

3 Paragraphs & no real score passes for a 'review' these days? Wow. Lame.

I think you're just trying to drive traffic to the Drake's banner ad you have right under your so-called review.

Lumbo3797d ago

In all fairness ALL of his reviews are the same size, regardless if he feels a game is whack or if its great ... More like a short review .. if anything

Frag Monger3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

3 short paragraphs is FAR too short to be called a 'review' in my opinion. More like a brief (VERY brief) summary.

Frag Monger3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

(Double post - site acting slow.)

Sersnake3797d ago

the review its too short and he give it an 8 he must be crazy this is the
most amzing game o any console in graphics therms the gameplay its really good and adictive this game dont deserves less than 9 i give it a 9.5 because there is not perfect games.