Lyon GDC: Dyack discusses the 'one console future inevitability'

Attendees to the first day of Lyon GDC found themselves in the midst of an economic theory debate sparked by Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack earlier today, with the outspoken studio boss repeating his prediction of a one console future for the games industry.

Making reference to theories regarding commodification and the history of technology, Dyack said that in time "economic trends will overpower [first party publishers] whether they want it to or not and it will be inevitable" leading to an industry making games for one single console, rather than two or three Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo made devices.

Pointing to the printing press, automobiles, cameras and cell phones, he said that there is historical precedent for technology to eventually standardise itself: "This is something that has occurred over hundreds of years across the history of technology," he said.

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Multigamer3826d ago

heres that one console sh!t again

Gamingisfornerds3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

It'll be an EA console. Imagine that!

The horror! :P

mccomber3826d ago

Show me how those have a standard set of features; they may all do one thing in the same way, but they are hardly a group of products providing one feature set to the consumer, or examples of industries that are the result of one manufacturer.
Keep dreaming Dyack, as long as there is money to be made off a product, there will be competition between companies to make that money.

Bull5hifT3826d ago

if they do that then there would be no need for competition and graphics technology would move at an even slower rate, hell they can slowly go backwards into the N.E.S days if they only had one console to choose from

thats what they want' easy money

rayc00133826d ago

yes im sure MS, sony, and nint. would like to stop making money so dev. can just have one console.

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