Nintendo shortage Wii-lly hurts company

Wii mania is in full swing right now, with the system selling for $400 or $500 on eBay. And while it's great to be making the must-have gift this year, Nintendo execs are rightfully bemoaning the missed opportunities the shortage is creating.

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PS3 Limps on and on3761d ago

Idiots, it's sold out everywhere. 360 is gonna sell great regardless but for PS3, this could be a break. It helps that there's only 2 competitors on the Market, instead of 3.

PS360WII3761d ago

Pretty crazy indeed. Now lets hope they don't pull a John and say they are bigger than Jesus ;)

Marceles3761d ago

The shortage is helping the guys at Ebay more than Nintendo. They should've kept cranking out Wiis, their sales numbers would've been off the charts.

Lumbo3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Imho its a bit unfair to blame Nintendo for the limited supply, they pushed out more units than anyone before in a single year. There is just more demand than supply, deal with it, i bought mine 3 days before x-mass LAST year. And it was the 2nd last in that megastore. You can't just magically rise supply from nowhere. The things have to be produced somewhere, and Nintendo does not want to produce faulty crap that haunts them half a year later with inflated warranty returns.

Premonition3761d ago

I still think Nintendo needs to do something, I guess the reason why sony can pump out so much is because they have more factories or are more organized with their building process, because if anyone has seen inside of a PS3 and what goes in it vs a wii, you see where im coming from, i remember at one point i think one supplier dropped nintendo to go help sony make their parts, im not sure if that had any "BIG" effects but, they need to open up more factories, because when I go to stores from time to time, Nintendo doesnt put alot of units out on the floor, so its not going to take long for someone to snatch up around 10 consoles per store in less than an hour, so if they usually ship around 10-20units per store and 40+ for special days then there is something wrong with how they are pumping out.

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