Sony aims for comeback win with PS3

The last year couldn't have been easy for Jack Tretton, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

The PlayStation 3 launch last Thanksgiving was marred by hardware shortages and bad press over the high price and the lack of exclusive titles. And worse: The PlayStation 3 has consistently finished third to Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii in monthly sales.

But Tretton shrugs off the slew of bad luck, saying that Sony is taking the long view with the PlayStation 3. They've played this game before, he says, and they've taken home the trophy more often than not.

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gamesblow3828d ago

Good analogy, Jack... He's a really likeable guy. That's what I like about Sony. They have 3 really likeable guys you can understand and relate to. Phil, Jack and Kaz... 3 of the most personable people around. They're very charasmatic, and you know who they are by sight. That's important to have. Nintendo has Shig and Reggie, but lets face it... no one can relate to Shiggy and Reggie is just offensive. He's a bullish, loud mouth with an attitude and a car salesman smile. And Microsoft.. well, who the hell they have now anyways?

Bull5hifT3828d ago

Reggie looks like an evil Basturd ready to HUSTLE you outdated technology, and peter moore looked like an evil turd too ,I give him credit I Loved my Dreamcast, and memory card portable games on it' but he never answered the questions in the interview about how sony built a more powerful machine ,and had a base of 120 million+ ps2 owners and 25 million psp owners and Ps1 owners, and sony makes quality products willing to lose $250 on every machine to give you the best' why nobody mentioned the RED RINGS to Peter in an interview is a mystery

and i think unreal tournament 3 on 360 wont have mods cause people are to familiar with viruses and micro$ .....if they virus on linux maby micro will consider it, ohh and there greedy basturds who wanna charge for everything

zPlayer3828d ago

i'm not sure how i like Jack. it seems Phil knows more about what gamers want. even though Jack is a likable guy n' all i'm just not sure how much he actually know about video games. i'm not sure i trust him yet.

InMyOpinion3827d ago

Who cares about if they are likeable or not? They are told what to say like every other representative of a major company. They probably don't even get to pck their clothes. Lights, camera, smile. You buy into it too easy. "I wish my daddy was more like Jack". Who knows, Jack might as well go home to get sh#tfaced and beat his wife and kids after the interview? Not saying he does. Reggie does it though, but that's pretty clear after you've seen him in action.

I'm interested in what they actually deliver. The games, hardware etc. Words don't mean sh#t if they don't back it up. Not saying they aren't.

Funny thing. Headline reads: "Sony aims for comeback win with PS3"
What else could they aim for right now? 2nd place? Isn't it fairly f#ckin obvious?

PS3 Limps on and on3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

What were they thinking again when they said PS3 $600? Not to mention there's a learning curve for developing on the console.

I love PS3, but being honest if they don't sell atleast close to half of what XBOX 360 sells in November and December it's gonna be a tough go for PS3.

I think these last two months sales in North America will indicate if PS3 has any chance of getting back into this console war or not.

Danja3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

well as you should already know is that every PS console has a steep learning curve at the beginning remember when the PS2 just launched..?
same sinario...

and while this Holiday is important for Sony I don't think it will literally make or break year overall will be more crucial..for them..and next Holiday really when we will know where Sony stands in this console war...and the future is looking bright btw...!!

duarteq3828d ago

"I think these last two months sales in Europe and Japan will indicate if Xbox360 has any chance of getting back into this console war or not. "

See ? i can do games with words and does it look for real ?

gamesblow3828d ago

"Sony was charged with being arrogant toward its fans. Would you say that “here it is, plug it in” could be construed as such?

I don’t know that we were ever considered arrogant by consumers. … I think the arrogant claims came from the press and bloggers more than true consumers. … I think the arrogance claim comes with a leadership position and being unwilling to admit that you’re failing. And anybody who’s been through media training or been with the press isn’t going to get on a soapbox and talk about their failures. If that gets construed as arrogance, then I guess that’s a risk you have to take."

That's the best of the best in this interview. Jack hit it out of the park and no one can disagree with that. Or expect anyone in a position of authority to go back on this principal. Sorry.

Danja3828d ago

definetly the best answered question in the interview...

now enough with the PS3 comeback can the PS3 make a comeback when it went no-where...LOL....

Capt CHAOS3828d ago

Sony aims to lose money and go bankrupt with PS3.

Please don't state the obvious, it's not news and it's not clever.

name3828d ago

lol Why are people so overdramatic with the PS3. It wasn't even doing bad to begin with. Is it a rule that when you're discussing the PS3 you can only use extremes?

Capt CHAOS3828d ago

I can see myself getting a PS3 in time (because of user content and multi-media capabilities/ cheaper online etc.)

tethered3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

@ Capt CHAOS

Yep, you and I will enjoy both.
I have a PS3 and I am picking up my 360 this week (20 gig model). (don't have enough left for games, this week, but I'll still be able to DL some demos, Gears next week - will be my first of many 360 games!)

Best of both worlds!

lol at the disagrees.