Mass Effect Tourist Guide

Eurogamer writes:

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends! Literally. This is the last chunk of our tourist guide to the Mass Effect universe before you plunge into the final battle against Saren and his Geth army, so lets mop up those last side quests for maximum experience points."

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Si-Fly3910d ago

Barren, desolate universe ideal for simple people with little in the way of personality. We have one city in the whole universe where you will find literally no shops or places of amusement. 95% of our inhabitants would rather not have a conversation with you, but the 5% that are able to talk more than make up for the speechless minority with inane seemingly never ending verbal diarrhea. We recommend a trip to the country side, the views of nothingness are really quite unspectacular.

ps This universe is not recommended for users of class A hallucinogenic drugs due to an unnerving condition known only as Pop up ... its really quite scary.

bumnut3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

well said, this game is totally over rated.

this game has not delivered what it promised.

Relientk773909d ago

tourist guide?

what is this disney world