Get Your Girl to Game

On getting your girl to delve into PC gaming, Lisa Haasbroek writes:

"Times are changing. According to the ESA (Entertainment Software Association), 38% of gamers are women. The average woman plays 7.4 hours per week, compared to 7.6 hours for men, and the gap is narrowing. For arguments sake, let's say the women in your life is NOT one of the 38%. How do you encourage her to adopt a new hobby? The answer – start by finding games that appeal to HER. Over the next few articles, we'll look at some games which might just spark her interest."

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Cat3881d ago

personally, I think Ms. Hassbroek's suggestions are a little...the word ridiculous comes to mind. But hey, maybe she knows something I don't and I could have all my friend gaming if only I'd buy them "Carrie the Caregiver". If only.

Capt CHAOS3881d ago

Oh.. isn't that the same thing? :->

cr33ping_death3881d ago

my girl likes games...... GOD OF WAR and UNCHARTED AND GUITAR HERO.

GodsHand3881d ago

I find girl's don't mind playing games, as long as you don't beat them. Also if your playing something like guitar hero, they tend to pick it up pretty easy. That's just my experience.

BrotherNick3881d ago

It seems quite sexist, I'd say give her puzzle games and wii sports, and she'll be fine...I hope Carrie the Caregiver is a joke lol.

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