Half-Life 3 In Development?

"How long have you been waiting for the next series of Half-Life? Finally, a guy was walking around the street, and he saw a employee of Valve"

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granthinds2334d ago

Can't wait. it's going to be orsum.

Ninver2334d ago

New IP would be better but anyway

Getowned2334d ago

HOW DARE YOU!!!! ..I'm going to lock you in a basement in ravenholm with a poisonous headcrab with only a tooth pick to defend your self.good day sir!

Half Life for ever!

Shackdaddy8362329d ago wouldn't be better...not at all...

t0mmyb0y2334d ago

Can't wait to see what the new Engine is.

Vladplaya2333d ago

No new engines, Valve already said over and over again, they just keep improving and modifying Source. Once it will be unrecognizable, they then will call it a new engine, and atm I think they are pretty far away from that point.

t0mmyb0y2333d ago

Either way it's going to be a big improvement :D

pucpop2334d ago

I would rather have Episode 3

OcelotRigz2334d ago

Although the Episodes are great, would you not prefer a full blown game, its basically an Episode but more.

Getowned2334d ago

exactly Episode 3 = HL3!,I want to replay HL1 and 2 now

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