Killzone 2 Screenshots Released

2008 sees the release of Killzone 2 on the PS3. Check out the handfull of screenshots that have been released over at RewiredMind.

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paul_war3884d ago

Wow, I really like numbers 8 & 9. I would like to see some extra levels or environments though.

Violater3884d ago

I don't think we will see anything new till next year I'm afraid.

lynx1halo3884d ago

in that my only fear for this game is that since it is obviously Graphically superior to anything weve seen....the reviewers will give it the HEAVENLY SWORD TREATMENT and be overly critical of every little aspect of it to find any possible flaws??????????

Malaka3884d ago

Gears still looks better

ryuyasho3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

@1.3 Yeah, it looks "PLASTIC" better... Toy Soldiers, hehehehe

BulletToothtony3884d ago

in your mind gears look better than crysis.. and even thou i do admit that gears look great and it would be the first title i would pick up if i bought a 360 (which i might once the rrod are gone and i see a bigger line up of games for the next years) Killzone2 simply looks amazing, the detail it's incredible,

and even thou i'm sure you've enjoyed gears, and you have seen the good graphics.. if you saw the killy2 trailer on a 50" plasma you would realize why people say it looks soo good..

socomnick3884d ago

Gears does look better but crysis kicks both their @rses.

PS3PCFTW3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

If i was a xbot, id be selling my rrod box right now and buying a ps3.....
then again if i was a xbot and i had no money to get a ps3, id be pissed and would say KZ2 looks like crap/it sucks/ wont sell just to make myself feel better at night.

good thing MY LAUNCH PS3 has me covered in this predicament.

jiggyjay3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Nothing special! why is it so damn dark! Certainly not leaving up their 2005 trailer!

There sure is a lot of shooters on this console! The 360 has the best library of different genres this generation!

FF7numba13884d ago

sorry xbots gears just got stepped on by drake. Uncharted beats gears in graphics hands down sorry.

JsonHenry3884d ago

Looks like pre-rendered screenies to me. I will eat my shoe if the game looks this good when you are playing.

I hope I will be eating my shoe though! It would be great if the PS3 could pull those screens off in real time.

Vertius3884d ago

@JsonHenry: What sauce do you want with your shoe? :P

Journalists have been playing it. It's real, alright.

shmee3884d ago

or any x360 game.


KZ2>>>>>>&g t;>GEARS & UT3.

xbots what are u smoking. a single screen in KZ2 has like 20x as many poly as a single screen in GEARS

HS,UNCHARTED all look miless better than any x360 game and KZ2 looks miless better than any game

hazeblaze3884d ago

LMFAO!!! Gears doesn't come close to these Killzone screens... it's funny of folks to bring that up though. And of course these are all in real time... we've already seen the gameplay, it's available for download on the PS Store. The fact is, when the game is finally finished it will likely look even better. Either way, Killzone 2 is absolutely the best looking game I've seen so far.

As for Gears... why the hell are there people still trying to hang on to the graphics of this game??? UT3's graphics are already better. Uncharted's graphics are better. At some point the 360 is bound to have a game that looks better too. The game is a year old, let it go.

PS3PCFTW3884d ago

^^^ y are they hanging on to that game as a comparison?


the 360 was designed FOR THAT GAME

PlayStation3603883d ago

Yeah Json. It's already been proven that those pics are in-game. I'll see you in multiplay bro :)

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crazy250003884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

looking, release a demo please =)

EDIT: just realized, these screens are old, i think from 05/06?

Devr3884d ago

They are old, but not that old... They're all gameplay images from this year. Lol, this site is going to explode when new KZ2 screens are actually released.

MADGameR3884d ago

Anyone who is'nt blind KNOWS that KillZone 2 looks better than Gears of War. KillZone 2 has much more complexed detail on the blood. Killzone 2 has the most realistic blood splatter I have ever seen other than Crysis.

dhammalama3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

They seem to look better, maybe brighter, or sharper. Maybe it's just me, but it looks even better now. AAAAHHHHH, I want to play this game.

Edit - I went to gamespot and looked at the screens from long ago. These are the same, everything in them is the same, but there are a couple ones here that aren't on gamespot. Still looks HOT!!! Shooting things in this game is going to be fun.

Lumbo3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

hmm, the posting system is still kinda out of synch ...

Ju3884d ago

I agree. Look better. Better lightning, IMO.

ryuyasho3884d ago

they're same as the E3 ones. we need to see Scholar Visari in one of the pics, only then we could classify them as "Fresh" pics.

Mr PS33884d ago

Its time for it to step aside and make way of KZ2

gamesblow3884d ago

Gears already has.. uncharted moved it over last month.

paul_war3884d ago

You gained a bubble, I can now see you comment, welcome back.

rubarb233884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

what you dudes smok'n? gears kills drake and KZ2. just do a side by side comparison and see which one has more detail, lighting - ooops doesn't look like KZ2 will be using alot of that, and overall graphics.
i know you guys have been jealous ever since gears came out and that you've been waiting for something just like it or to surpass it....keep waiting guys.
i guess your all used to that by now anyways.
oh as far as UT3 looking better than gears goes, well that's debatable, but that game is still coming out for the 360 and like always the 360 gets better port with the better graphics.
you guys can hate on me all you want, still wont change the fact that ports on the 360 always look better.
another thing, i love how you guys are so excited for this piece of shat. killzone sucked monkey balls and yes even YOU KNOW THAT!!! and now your all pumped for killzone 2? the sequel to ps2's halo kill'n flop? it seems you guys are betting the purchase of your ps3 on this game to deliver...wouldn't hold my breath.


@ sonarus, the debate as to what's the best looking game on either the 360 or ps3 will go on until the new systems come out and even then will continue. as it stands, IMO, killzone looks great, but gears, a game that came out a while ago, still looks better. you make good points my friend, i can respect that but we just have a difference of opinion going on here. i mean in my opinion, games like bioshock and gears have set the standard for graphics. my cousin has uncharted and i'll admit it looks good, but the graphics aren't on the level set by gears/bioshock - of course this is all IMO. Killzone 2, like i said gears looks better, most, if not all of you guys disagree with that, which is fine but i think the next game to push the 360 above again is projet offset. in the end, i think the real kick in the nuts for ps3 owners is that you were promised so much (typical sony) and got so less in return. i mean do you remember when the killzone 2 trailer was shown at e3 2005? at the end of it kaz harai says "this is the least you can expect from the ps3". WHAT!? well anyways just look on how they're delivering on those 'graphical promises'.
oh and for those of you who use the excuse of the 360 was out a 1 year early - lol, how easily we forget the ps3 was delayed a couple of months which means devs have had about the same time with the ps3 as they have had with the 360.

Lumbo3884d ago

@paul_war: thats the reason i put the threshold to hide 2 bubbles or less .. to avoid reading comments by posters who are next to 1 bubble ... eliminates the chance of some cronies ganging up and push the deserved single bubble count over the 2 bubble threshold for a day or so ...

And considering the usual content of Mr_PS3 and rubarb23's posts i will prolly be better of NOT clicking on "show" ...

sonarus3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

@ rubarb gears had some impressive lighting but UT3 lighting is better and neither of those have lighting as impressive as killzone. Graphically uncharted is a better lookin game than gears jst that gears has a more realistic look cus its not as cartooney(i have both). UT3 looks better than gears at least the pc version gotta see the ps3 version to judge that.
Gears of war will probably be the best lookin game on 360 till gears of war 2 which will look slightly better than UT3 on ps3. Its been a yr and still no 360 game that looks better than gears so am guessin gears is pretty much peak 360 or at least very cloe to peak but we never knw gow pulled off new graphics for ps2 when we thought that had peaked too. I try not to buy into that ps3 using 30% crap cus you got to show and prove with your games. If a yr later no ps3 game looks better than uncharted then i will assume uncharted is very near peak graphics for ps3.
These KZ2 screens definetly look better assuming the games look as good as these screens its safe to say its the best lookin shooter available on consoles. however KZ1 never really had a problem lookin good so dnt wanna pass judgement too early. I like the destructible environments too

Sevir043884d ago

Sonarus Call of duty 4 took a dump on gears of wars graphics the day it hit the 360 and the PS3. Rachet took a dump on Gears, and HS took a dump on gears. and they all have impressive likghting and that not even bringing in games like uncharted which is the graphic powerhouse for this year. whats worse, UT3 on PS3 has already made gears of war graphics look bad. to be honest gears was only looking good for 2 months after it launched, then Lost planet came out and showed it out. all i have to say is KZ2's Lighting completely obliterates all console game lighting. they are not stencil lighting, it's dynamic. the only game i've seen that does this kind of lighting was fear. where your flash light from your pistol cast a shadow that moves when it hits the enemies. Gears has nothing like that, and nothing in gears has this much attention to delicate and realitic detail. Sorry but the xbox fankids got shut up when Sony and GG pulled the curtains back and showed the game... it was a punch to the gut. and then they said that build was pre alpha. lol!!! imagine what it will look like at beta or gold...

this falls in the second year of the PS3. uncharted, ratchet, UT3 and COD4 are the most graphical games of 2007 and uncharted Stands at the top with ratchet in close second ^^

Jen5en3883d ago

@Rubarb - I would argue, in response to your claim about lightning, that Uncharted is superior in those terms. Gears of War did not have shadowmaps, it used an older version of shadowing found, for example, in Oblivion. I'm not claiming that Gears of War isn't a milestone in graphical acheivements, it's just that a year has passed now and there is a much deeper understanding of the PS3 and the 360 hardware. We have to stop comparing the ol' boys of glory to the new young guns; it simply isn't fair. Bioshock beats Gears, Mass Effect beats Gears, so does Uncharted and Killzone 2... things evolve; there's no such thing as being 'future-proof'.

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gamesblow3884d ago

Graphically impressive and it's still pretty early. I'm not expecting this one until summer... It can't hit in the fall, because Resistance 2 will be out and Sony wouldn't compete with Insomniac.

paul_war3884d ago

A double sided blu-ray disk! Killzone on one side, Resistance 2 on the other. I know it would never happen, but what a disk.

lodossrage3884d ago

Yeah, it wouldn't be wise to have two of their front running franchises competing with each other like that.

I expect this game by mid spring or summer at best. Besides, if they really want to take money away from MS, releasing killzone 2 and resistance 2 at least 3 months apart from each other would be a great way to do it.

Considering the "system seller" potential they both have, it would be good business strategy to give both of those that 3 month time frame. That way system sales would stay high and continuous for at least 6 months straight.

I know some will disagree. But keep in mind that's my opinion speaking. No facts lol.

lodossrage3884d ago

You wish.

But you know what? Damn that.

I wish too LOL

sonarus3884d ago

i dnt really consider resistance 2 to be a system seller unless offcourse it looks significantly better than 1 not to say 1 looked bad but resistance sold cus it was the launch title to own and is still one of the best games on ps3. resistance 2 utilizsing the new insomniac engine shouldrun at 60fps(according to insomniac) and with texture streaming look a lot better and have improved physics as well. resistance should sell but killzone is the real system seller

BestGamerAlive3884d ago

why do u post here if u think games blow u know what u blow u dont know anything about games dont know how ur a manager at game stop u should b fired ur a terrible gamer

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