Push for faster net 'premature'

The push for next-generation broadband could be premature, according to some senior industry figures.

Both regulator Ofcom and BT have expressed doubts about whether the time is ripe for rolling out what would be expensive fibre optic networks.

"We need significant evidence that such a network is required and I don't think it exists yet," said Peter Philips, Ofcom's head of strategy.

Network firms have also questioned if a faster net would make economic sense.

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mighty_douche3943d ago

you can have a 1,000,000meg i doesnt matter most of the time as your restricted to the speed that the host server is giving you.

i have 10meg cable and previously i had 4meg cable, the difference betwwen the 2 isnt great. dont get me wrong, id love to have 50-100meg but only if its at a reasonable price.

Kholinar3943d ago

"id love to have 50-100meg but only if its at a reasonable price."

50meg is, FIOS and U-verse are both as reasonable as most cable companies and provide an even nicer tv experience. I wish they'd expand to include my apartment complex. Comcast is so awful that I'm foregoing tv completely rather than to sign up with them. So, as a result, I have a phone line I don't care to use (At&t) but it's the lesser of two evils.

Dark_Overlord3943d ago

thanks to BT and they fact that they don't want to part with cash (read the article, thats all they seem to go on about ie making money), maybe if they didn't own all the lines and let other companies buy them, then these other companies could upgrade the lines themselves. But no, BT would rather have the monopoly and provide us with a pile of sh*t and leave us miles behind other countries than spend any money.

Grim3943d ago

Yes agreed. BT are a bunch of bastards! They made us wait too long for first generation Broadband and now are going to make us wait again for the next generation Broadband!

OOG FunK3943d ago

Meh it is always great to have better internet if you tend do download huge files alot and run servers and have multiple computers/programs usn the interent at the same I say speeed up lol

BlackIceJoe3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

I kind of thing it is time if you look at the other parts of the world you got places like Japan and Korea. They can do things with the net a lot faster then over here. Plus I could see this helping companies too. Plus this will allow for future products to be downloaded. Yes in the beginning it will cost an arm and a leg but in time the prices will go down.

Genki3943d ago

I see no reason why sites like 1up, this one, and some forums should take long periods to load at times. Doesn't always happen, but it never should, it's inexcusable in this day and age.

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