Users experiencing PS3 Freezing after Update 4.0

Several users who’ve installed the latest firmware update released by Sony are experiencing freezing issues with their console.

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smashcrashbash2299d ago

Sure they have *rolls eyes* That is what everyone says after every update.

StraightPath2298d ago

no freezing but the health warning is just plain awful.

gaffyh2298d ago

I played Skyrim for a couple of hours straight after doing the update, no freezes.

princejb1342298d ago

yea the health warning was kind of random, didnt expect that but my ps3 is running fine just like after every update

Undeadwolfy2297d ago

Ok this is weird, ever since 4.0, my PS3 yellow lights when I try to start-up. But when I click the power switch at the back (fatty 40gb with 500gb hdd), a few times, it starts up as normal.

This of course could be either because of the update or because its on its way out. I really really hope it doesn't fail as it would be my first Sony product to fail. I had a Sony TV which bit the dust after 20+ years of service.

MaximusPrime2299d ago

Yea like every other updates... I knew this would come after recent update.

Just a very small number affected doesn't mean massive news

MrDead2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

This is N4G dont forget, so you will have a disproportionate amount of people that say they have this problem.

If I go by what I read on this site it appears that I own the only working fat PS3 in the world.

Raoh2298d ago

MrDead, I'll give you a better one.

Two or so years ago there was an n4g and other website articles about doom and gloom firmware updates killing ps3's.

LOL, after checking the playstation forums that was referenced for proof, the 54+ pages were mainly the same 5 people complaining numerous times each page, to the websites, it was hundreds of thousands of angry ps3 gamers, when you read through the article it was pretty much just the same 5 or so people posting over and over creating more and more pages in the thread.

Journalism sucks, but gaming journalism is a joke.

GribbleGrunger2299d ago

i definitely think that Sony should put out a guarantee:

'we guarantee that the 56 million people that have PS3 will not have a crash after installing the update, even those that were probably going to get one anyway'

in related news: several people are reporting getting eye-strain after playing Angry Birds.

MrDead2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

I have a fat 80GB, no problems.

Edit: oh look here come the disagrees, school must have finished for the day.

[email protected]2298d ago

both my Fat-60Gb and my slim have none problem so far.

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The story is too old to be commented.