World War II still rich with potential - Pitchford

Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford has told Eurogamer that the Second World War remains a rich vein of material for videogames - but he also believes that moving to a different era was the right decision for Infinity Ward's Call of Duty series.

The third game in Gearbox's Brothers In Arms series, Hell's Highway, is nearing completion and is due to launch next year. It will cover the pivotal Operation Market Garden period of World War 2 - and speaking with Eurogamer, Pitchford hinted broadly that this will not be the developer's last fling with the conflict.

"We have to sit down and think about what we're doing next," he cautioned, "but I'm really interested in World War II, and I expect to spend a lot of time there."

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gamesblow3881d ago

You know what else is rich in potential? Other wars!!! Even... Vietnam "GASP"

socomnick3881d ago

I would love to play a vietnam game. Cant wait to burn villages :)

iceice1233881d ago

Would be nice, at least then there is a nice gap.

PS360WII3881d ago

Really. More potential? Huh the only way that a WWII game could be different then the others is if they had the main guy a Nazi. Now that would be a twist.

QUNE3881d ago

More WWII games please! I wish they would re-make the original BF1942 game for PC.

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The story is too old to be commented.