Do video games make kids violent, stupid and sick?

Researchers at the University of Michigan published a study in the Journal of Adolescent Health this week that found "exposure to virtual violence increases the risk that children and adults will behave aggressively."

New Zealand's national manager of police youth services, Superintendent Bill Harrison, said this week that youth violence has "jumped" in the past two or three years worldwide, which he says coincides with the rise of advanced console games like the Xbox. His point is that better quality video games increase the realism of violence, which does a better job of desensitizing kids to the real thing.

The German Society for Scientific Person-Centered Psychotherapy this week publicly advocated a total ban on violent computer games.

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Mark 13882d ago

All these are byproducts of being a Sony Fanboy

jinn3882d ago

they make us turn emo

Genuine3881d ago

The people that do these violent crimes are already sick. As far as young teens and children, I don't think they need to be exposed to mature content. I certainly wouldn't sit down with my 5 year old and watch Saving Private Ryan or Menace to Society. Young people are impressionable and positive role models are an important part of their development. People shouldn't be afraid of videogames for their children, but they should be responsible about what types of content they are exposed to. Personally, I'm more troubled about things like the twisted perverse way anime portrays life. Kids like cartoons ya know.

aggh im on fire3881d ago

Waiting for fast food makes me feel all of those.. maybe someone should investigate that.

Genuine3881d ago

Lol. Driving a car does it to me.

ban fans3881d ago

I agree with your comment about role models. I think the big issue is the lack there of. We live in a society where firemen are arsonists, police are arrested for stealing drugs from the impound and politicians are doing time for embezzlement, bribes, and sexual depravity.

Where are the parents who are supposed to be raising their children - teaching them right from wrong?
Why does the media glorify the sociopaths that shoot up their schools, thus turning them into heroes for other madmen?
Where is the sense of responsibility for our actions that is supposed to support a modern, evolved society?

Playing video games is causing these issues? Are THESE role models playing too many games, making them do these things? In a word, NO!!!

Greed and self importance are causing these problems. Money is good and I should do anything in my power to achieve the goal of getting it. Right or wrong, I deserve the world on a platter. That's what our society teaches every child, and that's the problem. When that child realizes that's not possible or achievable, they snap. That's the problem.

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