PlayStation's Game Plan: Scale Ad Rates for Videos

With the release last week of a video game called Pain, Sony Computer Electronics America moved one step closer to having what would amount to metrics for ads embedded within video games on its consoles.

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Sarick3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

It all depends on how adds are placed in games. If your in a fantasy world like GT or GTA billboards and signs that add to the games reality are fine but once you start seeing popups in games like Final Fantasy or R&C to promote real world products it draws the line.

Does it lower the cost of the game experience? If it does then it should also offset a portion of the games value.

gamesblow3910d ago

Hell, it's worth a shot... If it works here, it'll work better in the future on bigger things. More power to 'em, I say.

mighty_douche3910d ago

more ad's = cheaper games?

if so, im all for it as long as its tasteful.

riqued3910d ago

As long as I don't see any army ad I am fine with this.

Kyur4ThePain3910d ago

all it amounts to are in-game billboards advertising Buzz (a fun party game, btw).
I don't mind that at all.
If you don't like seeing the billborads, just launch the "dude" into them and smash them to pieces.

PS - anyone else been able to hit the fan vent in the subway and got spewed out the other end?
Or get bomb-launched from the bottom of one of the chimneys?
Much, much fun.

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