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Satisfy your adult video needs with this PS3 app

If there’s one thing missing on the PlayStation 3, it’s an adult video app. Or, that’s at least what SugarDVD believes. The company’s new unlimited TV streaming service plugs that lack-of-adult-video-content hole on the PlayStation 3. SugarDVD fill the gap in PS3 adult entertainment via its streaming service, which is also available on Roku, Boxee, and Google TV. (PS3)

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Majin-vegeta  +   1403d ago
Do i sense a heat sensation on this article??:D
SilentNegotiator  +   1403d ago
The heat sensation of a hundred horny teenage video gamers.

I thought porn was free. Isn't it paid for all of us by suckers with small willies and a credit card? lol
pangitkqb  +   1402d ago
Faye Reagan's image on a video game story. Could anything better happen today?

And how funny that I know her by name. (revealing)
FACTUAL evidence  +   1402d ago
I'm on my youtube status...here I go.

The 2 people that disagreed with SilentNegotiator is a sucker with a small willie, and pays for porn.
Iroquois_Pliskin  +   1402d ago
I know the name of the girl in the pic... does this mean i watch too much pr0n?
crxss  +   1402d ago
Faye Reagan, #2 hottest porn redhead. Sorry but Nikki Rhodes takes the cake. Anyways porn is free so why pay for a ps3 app?
egidem  +   1402d ago
Heat sensation? Definitely. I'm also not surprised by this as the Japan store has some adult content.

I do however sense some lawsuit waiting to happen
Digitaldude  +   1402d ago
The girl on the front is so ugly, who would sign up to that.
AEtherbane  +   1402d ago
is it wrong that i've seen the porn actress before...
Darth_Bane79  +   1402d ago
Why would it be wrong? It's Faye Reagan dude!!
Bleucrunch  +   1402d ago
I will sign up for this.... Porn is great!
ATi_Elite  +   1402d ago
Still not as good as the "step into manhood feeling" you get when you get your porn from the curtain off "Adult" section of a mom n pop owned video store!

.........until you get to the counter in front of a bunch of Soccer moms and the clerk yells out "Spank fest 14.....greasy granny girdles we just got that in"..
Psycho_Mantis  +   1402d ago
No...but i do sense a sausage fest!!! :D
jwk94  +   1403d ago
Japan already has porn on their store.
Godmars290  +   1403d ago
We already have Youporn via the browser.

Or so I've been told...
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NEW-AGE  +   1403d ago
Thank You all, i Like That Crazy Japanese Public Nudity, Great Times
Dlacy13g  +   1403d ago
From the sound of their press release it actually sounds like this is nothing more than a browser based streaming unlike Youtube or Youporn given their is nothing to download or install... basically this press release is nothing more than a "come visit our site via your PS3 browser" ad.
DarthBigE  +   1403d ago
I've also been told Redtube is accessible via ps3 browser...
MRMagoo123  +   1402d ago
pretty much any site that has adult vids on can be accessed by the ps3 browser if they are formats that can be viewed on it...or so i heard lol
stevenhiggster  +   1402d ago
tnaflix.com has had a PS3 specific site for years now. So I'm told anyway.
NotSoSilentBob  +   1402d ago
Who's your favorite little rascal?

Alfalfa or SPANKY?
I_HAZ_CHEEZEBURGER   1402d ago | Spam
RedDragan  +   1402d ago
AnimalZoo.com is like this... or so I have been told.
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1402d ago
This is all too funny.
mynameisEvil  +   1402d ago
Well, isn't PornHub ALSO available?

Hell, I'll still settle for RedTube. Good times, good jacks.

Um, at least that's the quality that my... friends... talk.. abo- SHUT UP.
Dee_91  +   1402d ago
yea youporn totally works ... because i watch it all the time is what a friends told me
LeonhartX  +   1402d ago
8tube is accessible

Or so i've been told....
egidem  +   1402d ago
I'm pretty sure it's tube8 as I can admit of going there more times than I can c-

I've said too much already. :)
Darth_Bane79  +   1402d ago
XVIDEO is also accesible. And no, I haven't been told, I KNOW ROM FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. Literally.. LOL!
joeyisback  +   1403d ago
wont see this on xbox 360 bc that would be selling porn to underage kids since xbl doesnt have many adults also them kids wouldnt know what to do
Trebius  +   1403d ago
360 is for easily impressionable kids. Which is why kinect sold 10mil first 2 months then nothing after that ... kids beg their parents for toys that are heavily marketed.
egidem  +   1402d ago
Well, that's what happens when you take your product and add half a billion dollars worth of advertising. Sad thing is there's still no compelling reason/game to buy this device.
Septic  +   1402d ago
If you ever wanted proof that this site is run by Sony fanboys, just read look at the agrees above.

Nonsensical B.S
Dee_91  +   1402d ago
So your saying that xbl dont have alot of kids? your saying kinect selling a ton in a short amount of time and little afterwards wasnt the cause of heavy marketing ?
Obviously fanboys if you ask me /s
Siren30  +   1403d ago
All I hear is that cod is for kids and since cod is the highest selling game on the ps3 I guess that means their is alot of kids on the ps3 aswell.
waltyftm  +   1402d ago
Well said.
Siren30  +   1402d ago
I guess the people that are playing cod on the ps3 are adults and the ones that are playing on the 360 are kids. Got to love ps3 fanboy logic
young juice  +   1402d ago

cod is for kids? nothing like a good comrade killing, terrorist infested,grenade fest to get your child off to a fresh start at elementary school.

i could tell you paragraphs worth of fanboy logic fail on BOTH sides of this "Console War"...
negative  +   1402d ago
@young juice

"i could tell you paragraphs worth of fanboy logic fail on BOTH sides of this "Console War"..."

You're a fanboy

No you're a fanboy

No you're a fanboy

DirtyLary  +   1402d ago
It don't matter. They are to busy rubbing one off to Master Chief to even bother.
GodKing1337  +   1402d ago
... no wonder you have one bubble

dcortz2027  +   1403d ago | Funny
The PS3 has porn, the Xbox 360 DOESN'T have porn, the PS3 is therefore the superior console!
JoeReno  +   1403d ago
Cross game chat doesn't seem quite as important now does it? Haha
Euthanasia78  +   1402d ago
Don't like streaming music from ur computer and having the music play in the background with the game effects either? Porn is more important than cross game chat? Nothing like party chat, with 6 ppl all playing different games. All listening to streaming music. Thing's You cant do on the "superior" system.
D0ffy  +   1402d ago
Wow you really, REALLY can't take a joke can you?
Fez  +   1402d ago
lol, missed the funny...

Imagine 6 people all listening to different music, chatting and playing different games. That's my idea of gaming hell.
Euthanasia78  +   1402d ago
Gaming hell? LOLOLOLOL. Ya, playing team based multiplayer games in complete silence is much better. Don't get me wrong. I love my PS3. I'm just saying cross game chat is nice to have. I dont have to imagine 6 ppl all listening to different music chatting and having fun while playing games. I do it eveyday. It's so much fun, its Hellish.
#4.2.3 (Edited 1402d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(28) | Report
Fez  +   1402d ago
Take out the listening to 6 different songs at the same time and I'd completely agree with you.
Euthanasia78  +   1402d ago
On Xbox, You can stream ur Itunes music from ur PC to ur Xbox. So, U can shut off the background music of the game, and listen to music. It doesn't have to be loud. Just in the background of, say, Madden 12. U wouldn't like to listen to ur favorite band in the background? While playing the game? U'd rather listen to the stock game background music all the time? I like options. I like having a choice. I only have that choice with Xbox.
Fez  +   1402d ago
Good option, but you made it seem like I'd be listening to 5 other peoples favourite bands too which would be awful...
MRMagoo123  +   1402d ago
i can stream music and vids from my pc to the ps3 too so whats your point Euthanasia
Euthanasia78  +   1402d ago
Do it while playing a game and party chatting with 6 ppl Mr Magoo. Not in some stationary position where all you can do is listen to the music. I'm talking about replacing the games music with ur own soundtrack. It's fairly easy. Idk what the misunderstanding is? U can't stream music while playing a game on PS3. I'm not knocking my PS3. I'm just saying that if I want to stream my zune collection in the background of FIFA while playing online, I can only do that on xbox. For consoles that is.
DarkMantrid  +   1402d ago
I got a good laugh out of ur comments. Thank you.
Kewl_Kat  +   1402d ago
Please make Euthanasia78 get mad even more, just so he'd run out of bubbles and shut up already. Geez.
Hyperbomb69  +   1402d ago
how does this euthanasia douchebag have that many bubbles? are you kidding me? also music? Madden?? party chat? Euthanasia confirmed for 12 year old.
Euthanasia78  +   1401d ago
LOL @ N4G. This is by far the most divided and hateful communities online. This is the cesspool of videogame discussions. Why do I even bother? I'll pose elsewhere. I won't miss it. All ppl do here is fight. No matter what anyone says, its a fight. N4G has a terrible reputitation as a community. I'm sure ppl will say its because of ppl like me, but idgaf what anyone thinks. LOL.
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GodKing1337  +   1402d ago
and yet you have 1 bubble XD
The Iron Sheik  +   1403d ago
All hail Faye Reagan! Sexiest ginger ever!
Sabian187  +   1403d ago
Yes. All hail Faye.
Plus...I am glad I am not the only degenerate that recognized her.
Megaton  +   1402d ago
Ah, my degenerate brothers. Faye's definitely my favorite ginger.
brodychet  +   1402d ago
Ive seen her get demolished too many times. Good times though- .. Good times.
ape007  +   1402d ago
hey sheiky baby im Brian Blair
Kewl_Kat  +   1402d ago
Nah, Nikki Rhodes is hotter :)
BuT_TeR  +   1403d ago
I'm 12 and what is this?
LettingGo  +   1403d ago
Not a lot of people here go to other websites. It's sad, isn't it?
Grip  +   1403d ago
so go playing around.. don't waste ur childhood in internet. that's if u really 12
_Aarix_  +   1402d ago
It's an expression, I doubt he's 12
maniacmayhem  +   1403d ago
Smart move, Sony should embrace and promote this.

They don't want to let the BetaMax fiasco happen all over again.

QSPR   1403d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
QSPR  +   1403d ago
my bad... was thinking yo was trolling sony about haw bad betamax was!
Fez  +   1402d ago
what a touchy fanboy lol, so quick to sonys defence...can't believe your other reply was serious. oh my days.
Grip  +   1402d ago
i love this boy. one reply go trolling next reply Apology for his troll and he think the other guy trolling about his system
ShadowKingx  +   1403d ago
Kids - Mom can i have $10.00
Mom- For what
Kids- i want to watch movies on PS3
Mom - Sure( Moms thinking PS3 is a good system for them because sony would never release adult stuff on ps3)
Kids - Look at that A** and Man she got some nice Ti**
Meanwhile mom walk in to check on kids
Mom- What the hell are you watching
Kids - Movies
Mom - what kind of game is this. Mom takes away PS3
Mom tell other moms which go on and on and on
Meanwhile PS3 sales are down 80% because of an adult app

now im not saying this is how it will play out i just hope this is more secure than most easy signup apps. Because this will put a dent in sony ps3 sales if word get out to the public.
HeavenlySnipes  +   1403d ago
Retarded scenario. For one 'movies' is a vague answer. A normal follow up question would be "what movies?" Second of all, wouldn't the kid want to watch one of the many superhero Marvel movies on the video store? LASTLY why would bad parenting (giving away money to your kid to buy shit on the internet, PSN or not) result in angry consumers? Its like getting mad at a video rental store because you allowed your kid to by porn from there.
SilentNegotiator  +   1403d ago

Meanwhile, mom walks in to check on the kids.
Mom- What are you watching?!
Kids - Movies. Sexy movies.
Mom - You're very naughty, young man! I am taking your playstation away!
Mom tells other moms.
Meanwhile, other moms take away their children's system or buy their own if they don't have one. PS3 sales skyrocket.

I almost went with a "wincest" scenario, but I'll stick with the mothers getting off to adult videos which they took from their children.
Hassassin  +   1402d ago
jaja I also thought you where going that other way... should wash my mind now :0
SilentNegotiator  +   1402d ago
Get your mind out of the gutter....there's only enough room for mine.
#8.2.2 (Edited 1402d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
ShadowKingx  +   1401d ago
you obviously not a parent. most parents will try not to let other kids get exposed to this. but like said it the last part i hope that is more secure than most apps are.
Dan50  +   1403d ago
Dammit you have to pay for streaming.
badjournalism  +   1403d ago
people still pay for porn? really?
e-p-ayeaH  +   1403d ago
its legit jizz lolz
kikizoo  +   1402d ago
..some others are paying to play online, imagine :)

"Hold on..they still make new games on the ps3?I might just buy one now."

someone has to inform the rednecks : ps3 has more "new games", and better, than competition (i know, it's hard to believe, but it's a fact since more than 3 years)
#10.2 (Edited 1402d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Ronaldo85  +   1403d ago
Hold on..they still make new games on the ps3?I might just buy one now.
SageHonor  +   1403d ago
I could go to my internet search on my PS3 XMB and get to youjizz or xvideos. Why would I pay for this?
Majin-vegeta  +   1403d ago
xxxbunker.com or oporn.com :D.

*Quickly types them in xD*.
Bolts  +   1402d ago
Finally a N4G post with some content I can appreciate.
enkeixpress  +   1402d ago
keezmovies.com is all you'll ever need when it comes to watching porn on your PS3. :)
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05candyman  +   1403d ago
Now it is official! The Playstation 3 has won this generations console war, with this war being 6 years in the making the ps3 has won!
L6RD7BLU3   1403d ago | Offensive
Bolts  +   1402d ago
I was excited about this until I found out it's a paid site. Useless. I'm sorry but paid porn are only for chronic fapers.
ScytheX3  +   1402d ago
damn that bitch is fugly x10 lol
bunfighterii  +   1402d ago
lol no way... fay reagan is hot. your gay.
bunfighterii  +   1402d ago
who needs this with all the free streaming sites nowadays?
bub16  +   1402d ago
everyone knows porn is free!!
Acquiescence  +   1402d ago
I recognize that chick in the accompanying image up there...
Oh God, I've been watching too much porno.
Snowii  +   1402d ago
i can easily enter some of these "adult sites"on the web browser

dont need a gay app
anasurimbor  +   1402d ago
I don't understand why anybody would buy porn.

....Unless it was Backdoor Sluts 9 of course.
_Aarix_  +   1402d ago
I swear to god I watch it for the stories.
TBONEJF  +   1402d ago
I can watch my porn videos on my PS3 just fine on Xhamster.com and Xvideos.com two best sites ever created
Dlacy13g  +   1402d ago
Ahh, so this is the real reason for Firmware 4.0 .... All makes sense now. LOL
KrimsonKody  +   1402d ago
I think alot of peoplez' "wares" are going to be "firmer" now....
Captain Qwark 9  +   1402d ago
PS3 browser and pornhub.com, best site ever.
Robotronfiend  +   1402d ago
I think porn adopting the blu ray format was one of the reasons it won out over the HD-DVD format. Nice to see Sony allowing some porn on their console. Although, I didn't think anyone really paid for pron anymore. Just fire up pinklab and you've got more porn than your eyeballs can process.
fourthpersonview  +   1402d ago
The only thing the PS3 needs now is the ability to stream videos while a game or the system is downloading a patch.
KrimsonKody  +   1402d ago
Firmware 4.play
Freedom_Bear  +   1402d ago
I didn't even read the title of the article. I just saw Faye Reagan and clicked on it.
Krakn3Dfx  +   1402d ago
That's what I'M TALKING ABOUT!

Oh wait, does this cost money?

F that, porn's free on the internet yo.
UnagiMaster  +   1402d ago
Is it bad that i know the name of the girl on there?

oh jeez..
overscored  +   1402d ago
haha, Nope. I did and I'm sure many others did too. However this article does not affect us since we all know (even Faye Reagan) that free Porn is EVERYWHERE.
UnagiMaster  +   1402d ago
Dude if i could, i would marry here for ever.
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