Eternal Champions, The Dynamite Hero and Zanac to be Added to the Virtual Console

Nintendo has announced this week's Virtual Console releases and they are Eternal Champions (Genesis), The Dynamite Hero (TurboGrafx-16 CD) and Zanac (NES)

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TeaDouble_E3638d ago

I remember the cover for this game but I haven't played it.

Maddens Raiders3638d ago

back in the day. I liked the unique characters and their signature moves. I'd be happy if I was a Wii owner and this was coming down for the VC.

MK_Red3638d ago

Eternal Champions RULES.
I gotta get my Wii soon.

Mwaan3638d ago

Also, Sega needs to distribute the love equally between the Virtual Console, PSN, and Xbox Live.

MK_Red3638d ago

God, that would be a game to kill for. Also, agreed on other consoles. Hope it arrives on XBLA, PSN and VC.

kewlkat0073638d ago

I remember when I first did a Fatality by accident, not knowing you can do finishers in the game. I was like holy sh^t, what did I just do and how did I do it...haha

This game was a mix of MK and Streetfighter, I think they even had a SEGACD one which was better.

I stopped buying games on the VC after buying 9 games.

1. I have every emulator on my Xbox and can play for free.

2. (Unlike- the 360 classics)The games are Exact ports with no updates, even for HD Wide screens.

3. MY Wii is currently RMAed for the second time and thought about buying a new one but the VC games will not transfer..

Needless to say I have been a big supporter of Nintendo since 86 and after super Smash Bros and Mario Galaxy, I think I might be done with them.