Activision Blizzard: Should you be worried?

Videogamer writes:

"Vivendi and Activision have merged. Now that's a megaton and a half to wake up to on a Monday morning isn't it? The newly formed company, Activision Blizzard, is calling itself "the world's largest pure-play online and console game publisher". Indeed the deal is worth a whopping $18.9 billion. Are you sweating yet EA?

But all this financial technospeak doesn't mean squat to your average gamer. All we care about is the games. So, what does the merger of two of the biggest names in gaming mean for you and the games you love?."

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predator3948d ago

hopfully it doesnt affect Infinity Ward.

power0919993948d ago

I have always loved Blizzards games. Hopefully this won't effect them like EA's hands have ruined so many fine games.

Time will tell.

IntelligentAj3948d ago

I think they made this merger to try and compete with EA(though I don't think it's possible).

predator3948d ago

that is why they have done this, also according to EA are going to strike back by uping their share in ubisoft

Grassroots3948d ago

This merger doesn't bother me much at all, but the idea of EA trying to gain more stock in Ubisoft does. EA needs to back down and just focus on their crappy versions of Madden, and so on. If they effect Bioware a single bit, I will be upset(ie: forcing them to release the game before they feel it's complete).

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