GameTap losing over 7% of games; EA, Interplay and other publishers gone Dec. 11

Just as GameTap celebrated hitting 1,000 games on the service, it looks like it'll get to repeat the milestone all over again as it loses 70 games in a couple weeks. Apparently EA, Interplay, Atari and some lesser-known publishers will end their affiliation with the service December 11. GameTap Editorial Director Douglass Perry says GameTap signs contracts with a publisher which have a beginning and an end. He says none of the games on the service are permanent. Perry also says they were unaware they'd have to pull all those titles when celebrating their 1,000 game mark.

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Genki3797d ago

but that's a bit unsettling.

IntelligentAj3797d ago

I don't use gametap since I have emulators on my PC but this is bad for the site though.

GodsHand3796d ago

Carmageddon from Interplay was/is a cool game, or was it from SCi?

Polluted3796d ago

Carmageddon 2 was my favorite driving game ever. Then they ruined it with the third one.

I've never used Gametap myself, but I always thought the idea was intriguing. I thought the site was starting to really catch on. Losing EA can't be a good sign, though.

GodsHand3796d ago

I prefer the first one. Part two is great also, also with the Iron Maiden soundtrack it had. As for part three, yes i agree total crap.