RPGFan's Game of the Month

RPGFan: November has certainly seen some great releases. Of course, there's the eight-hundred pound gorilla, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with its colossal world and massive scale. On the other end of the spectrum, there's indie darling To the Moon and its unforgettable tale of a dying man's final moments. There's also a little release from Nintendo that you may have heard of.

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susanto12282029d ago

WTH an RPG game of the Month?? Fanboys trying to validate Skyward Sword so sad....doesn't matter SKYRIM will get Game of the Year easily...nice try Zelda

basukua2029d ago

skyrims good but it wont get Goty.. dont deserve it with some other releases out this year tbh

Xof2029d ago

Skyrim is a good game, don't get me wrong, but as an RPG it's bottom-tier awful.

Alos882029d ago

It doesn't matter if Zelda is an RPG or not, it's just that good.

knifefight2029d ago

My RPG of the Year is Battlefield 3.

Kran2029d ago

wow.... just... wow.

knifefight2028d ago

I mean hey if we're nominating non-RPGs we might as well go all-out.

Way to not get the joke though. Classic N4G XD

Kran2028d ago

Yeah... but saying jokes like that Knife on a site that tends to be Skyrim crazy, Zelda crazy, Battlefield 3 crazy and PS3 crazy, it's not a joke to them :/

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Hicken2028d ago

Well, they DID say game of the month. Just because it's RPGFan doesn't mean some other genre can't be preferred for a month.