Complete Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive Disassembly Tutorial

Let the mods begin: The folks at have a created a disassembly "how-to" for the Xbox 360 HD DVD player add-on.

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season0073827d ago

obviously the drive is designed for internal use of 360 (in case if it is needed later or when HD DVD wins or whatever...), it is just slightly modded to make it work as external...

in case microsoft does want to produce HD DVD xbox360, they can probably do it by having a 15mins change in the production line...

Reganomics3827d ago

thats what i wasthining when i took mine apart.

drewdrakes3827d ago

It works for the PC too. Automatically with Vista, and with an update with XP. I dont know why they dont market it as being able to do this, its a rather cheap drive.

Marty83703827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

You Xbots crack me up. HD DVD is'nt going too win the format war. Blu-ray is the outright winner so far, can't see that changing anytime in the future.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

AsILayDying3827d ago

he we go another P(enis)S3 fanboy jumping on the topic and pissing every1 off,grow up xbox360 is gud,hd dvd is gud,ps3 is gud an bluray is gud...dont b a fanboy b a fan of great games

Method3827d ago

Sorry but marty doesn't know the meaning of "great games", he does own a PS3 after all.

Silver Bull3t3827d ago

Wonder how much hotter than the std. DVD drive the HD drive gets? If it's about the same it'd be nice to mod. it to an internal drive.

All we'd need is a firmware update to let it read game disks, and some room in the 360 to hide that adapter board. Connect the USB internally and done.... In theory ;)

cuco333827d ago

I always like seeing dissected electronics.

coltsfreak183827d ago

if microsoft did that than they would defeat the purpose of advertising the xbox as affordable unless they add "another" sku (like sony) and if they made hd-dvd games (as in the games are on hd-dvd disc) that is screwing 14 million people. personally, my box just RRODed and ii could return it within around 8 months and get one of these if they got one. my $0.02