Eurogamer Give Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness: 9/10

Eurogamer writes:

"That the PSP should receive heavily embellished ports of two of the greatest strategy RPGs ever made within weeks of one another is, at once, cause for wild celebration and cause for mild irritation. Celebration because both Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea are astounding achievements of intelligent design, assured form and delightful function; annoyance because the proximity of their second comings will force free time-impoverished players to choose one over the other when, in all honesty, both are fiercely individual games and both make for essential playing."

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predator3944d ago

cool, another game i may have to dust of my psp to get.

Lumbo3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

hmm, might get it after Uncharted. If i find the time .. but the PSP is ideal for wasting time spend on trains and busses ..

Panthers3943d ago

The one strategy RPG game I want for PSP is Vandal Hearts. The first one, the second one sucked. That was the best SRPG in my opinion.

AllroundGamer3943d ago

well deserved score, one of the best PSP games to me.

Relcom3943d ago

Its truly a great game on ever level. Fun story, More sh1t to do than i acually think is possible to do, tons of loot to get, and really great gameplay. 10/10 for me best game in its genre

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