Way Of Improving Your Xbox 360 WiFi Connection? claims to have found a way of improving the wireless connection of a Xbox 360 using only aluminium foil, clear tape, an empty chip bag, a spork, and a two-liter bottle.

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TeaDouble_E3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Who ever submitted this does not deserve the credit he or she deserves ! Ive already mention this on the forums before the article was submitted.

Reganomics3884d ago

why didnt you post it as a story instead of the forums? I only posted it as a rumor because some claim that this invention works while others say it doesn't. Also, i did give credit to the original poster;

TeaDouble_E3884d ago

1. I dont submit news
2. Who was the first one that showed the news to THIS site ?

Yeah we all know who that was.

Reganomics3884d ago

Although it may be householdhacker who submitted the video, it is still an indirect source. I gave a link to the specific source. And thats all I'm a link, NOT trying to get credit.

Mr PS33884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Somthing as trivial as the wifi connection
why dont microsuckers improve the RROD issue or the god awful noise it make's !!Oh to hell with it you can't polish a turd and the crapbox 360 will be discontinued after 2008 after the ass kickin the PS3 give's it

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mighty_douche3884d ago

"using only aluminium foil, clear tape, an empty chip bag, a spork, and a two-liter bottle. "

ummm... another quality M$ product then...

rofldings3884d ago

How to make it better?

By not having to pay $100 for technology that is dirt cheap to make.

mighty_douche3884d ago

my flat mate uses the wireless adaptor, mainly cos i wont let him run miles of cable through the flat, but i get a stronger signal on my mobile phones wifi than his 360 gets.

if M$ really wanna make it better, make the 360 combatible with other brands, logitech, belkin, whatever, just dont it themselves.

Gamingisfornerds3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

I refuse to buy this crappy adapter, I just bridge the connection through my laptop. Works fine.

My PS3 on the other has all this build in, works like a charm. Why MS can't do this is beyond me. Just like that flaming play&charge kit MS wants you to purchase just to recharge the damn controller! My PS3 charges it for me, all I have to do is connect it with a USB cable and voila.

MS really hasn't thought this through properly at all. Although, if plenty of people actually purchase all these additional peripherals, I guess the have. :(

Reganomics3884d ago

Nothings really wrong with the adapter (besides the price), all this add-on does is help with reception and increase the range you can play from. This add on can be done with any adapter, and will usually boost the siganl. Kind of ghetto, but it works.

drewdrakes3884d ago

Dont use wifi, its slow and unreliable (compared to LAN).

Bladestar3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

@drewdrakes - don't try explaining that to ignorants... some people actually think that they can achive Lan speed with wireless. PC gamers know that wireless is not optimal for gaming online... but now just because console finally got wireless (for amateurs) all of the sudden wireless for gaming is important... Wireless will never become faster than LAN.. Period...

Also, this "Improves" the wireless.. there is always stuff that you can do to improve range... like,

wriless routers sells (separate) bigger antena that improve range... does that mean that the wireless router is of poor quality?

The xbox 360 adapter is external and has an antena... there is always ways to improve it... I'm willing to bet that some geek probably replace the adapter antena and added a router one improving the range by 100 times...

Also, this article does not say that the internal PS3 wireless adapter have better range or more performance than the xbox 360 one... but one thing is certain... it can not be improved...

ohh and by the way.. the xbox 360 integrated communication supports 802.11 A/B/G and the PS3 supports only 802.11 B/G .. now go to some research about 802.11 A.

mighty_douche3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

im a PC gamer, i use wireless. admittidly, ovbiously its never gonna match a wired connection, but if you buy a good wireless setup you will have NO problems.

with regards to: "ohh and by the way.. the xbox 360 integrated communication supports 802.11 A/B/G and the PS3 supports only 802.11 B/G .. now go to some research about 802.11 A."

great.... but the main difference is that the PS3 works! oh and "A" was never adopted due to it being to expensive, while it does allow Op. Frequency of 5ghz compared to "B/G" which are only 2.4ghz it has a shorter range, it was established in 1999 and has more or less become obsolete.

Bonsai12143884d ago

"some people actually think that they can achive Lan speed with wireless. "

*looks at macbook* i'm pretty sure i'm dling at the same speed my wired computer does. a nice and toasty 5MB/s. gotta love high quality products eh?

drewdrakes3884d ago

Bonsai1214 - I have windows and have downloaded to my wireless laptop at 16MB/s, got to love even more quality products eh? But I still dont trust wireless, theres no way for it to keep up with LAN which is capable of going the speed of light. Theres no way a ray can exit your router and reach your wireless device unless it has a LOS at the speed of light.

Bladestar3884d ago

as always you copy and pasted what you wanted to say... Here from the very same link you gave me... Practically... 802.11a is better.. but expensive.. the xbox 360 supports it.. PS3 does not... Xbox 360 wireless adapter support all PS3 does not support a... get the idea?

You got owned by your own source...

"Since the 2.4 GHz band is heavily used to the point of being crowded, using the 5 GHz band gives 802.11a a significant advantage. However, this high carrier frequency also brings a slight disadvantage: The effective overall range of 802.11a is slightly less than that of 802.11b/g; 802.11a signals cannot penetrate as far as those for 802.11b because they are absorbed more readily by walls and other solid objects in their path. On the other hand, OFDM has fundamental propagation advantages when in a high multipath environment, such as an indoor office, and the higher frequencies enable the building of smaller antennas with higher RF system gain which counteract the disadvantage of a higher band of operation. The increased number of usable channels (4 to 8 times as many in FCC countries) and the near absence of other interfering systems (microwave ovens, cordless phones, baby monitors) give 802.11a significant aggregate bandwidth and reliability advantages over 802.11b/g."

rofldings3884d ago

Yeah... *looks at his new Sony Vaio w/ 802.11n & Linksys WRT350N.*

Max data: 248 Mbit/s; throughput: 19 Mbit/s; range of 70m indoors.

Also, @bladestar, I don't know what you're moaning about, 802.11g has almost the same capabilities as 802.11a.

802.11g is also more widely used and accepted compared to 802.11a, and I believe there are a very limited number of routers that broadcast in 802.11a, while costing a metric ton of money.

Stop trying to spin things your way, the PS3 is already capable on working on many wifi networks, just because it doesn't support one wifi standard, which by the way is rarely used, does not make the 360's wifi better. It's already known that the crappy adapter Microsoft made for the 360 has signal problems compared to the PS3's built in antenna; ever notice why there are so many guides on how to boost your signal strength? Just go google around.

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Owner360-PS33884d ago

You might just be a REDNECK .......

BestGamerAlive3884d ago

MS those bastards are ripping u people off go buy a PS3 and u wont have that problem PLAY BEYOND and stop ADDIND ON WITNESS da POWER OF THE CELL

Mikey_Gee3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Stop buying into the BS you read.

But as for getting ripped off, hmm who else does that with proprioritary flash memory ???

Hmmm ...

Mikey_Gee3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

I use the MS wireless adapter with ZERO HASSTLE. My house is 4100 square feet and my wireless router sits a good 60 feet away from my 360. Not even to mention it has walls and other obstructions between it and the actual router. My signal strength is ALWAYS 4 full bars. I pay for a 7Mbps connection and can download a 1.2 gig demo in under 15 minutes. As for Lag online ... well, I would say that maybe a 1 in 100 chance, and even then it is minimal at best.

I also have one of these:
and it works just as well. But it does not support my security since I need an original XBOX to configure it.

I think this video is intended to be a joke. And if it is not .... it should be.

To just add to some comments above, as well as my wireless adapter works, IF I COULD I would still run copper (Cat5) in my house and be wired. But distance and the fact my lower level in the house is fully finished with a closed (non-drop) ceiling, that is not possible.

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