Interview: Making Drake's Fortune

On a swanky press trip Kikizo met with Naughty Dog game director Amy Henning, for a detailed behind-the-scenes interview feature on the epic new PS3 adventure.It is common for game companies to wine and dine journalists on specialised 'press trips' to promote their upcoming releases throughout the year, but rarely has Kikizo visited as beautiful a place as Dubrovnik, an historic city on the Adriatic Sea coast, in the extreme south of Croatia. On this occasion the host was Sony, and the game in question was the anticipated PS3 adventure, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. But why the city of Dubrovnik to showcase this latest Naughty Dog developed title? After all, the Naughty Dog team is based in Santa Monica, Sony Europe is headquartered in Central London - and so is Kikizo for that matter - so why go to the hassle of flying two UK game sites out to Croatia to meet our fellow European and US games media, and the creators of the game?

Arriving there, it becomes immediately obvious why. The beautiful and inspiring environments of Dubrovnik, with its perfect blue ocean surroundings and centuries-old architecture, strongly resemble the mysterious setting of Uncharted, and the venue for this event - a sprawling ancient fortress called Fort Lovrijenac - echoes the values and environments in the game rather fittingly.

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gamesblow3879d ago

The last question was a tad stingy, don't ya think? "ha" It's good to know they're thinking more broad with the next one. Multiple paths and such... I just hope they don't take us back to a prequel stage. Elena couldn't be in it and that'd blow Goat nips.

Well, unless they went the SledgeHammer route "ha"