New Dead Space Screenshots

Strategy Informer has unleashed 24 new screenshots for Dead Space which is set to be released on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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lynx1halo3883d ago

This game appears to have great lighting and blood effects

SKIP TO PICTURE screenshot #33 of 36 TO SEE A MUTANT BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nanometric3883d ago

Looking good, looking really good and scary, besides some jaggies

gamesblow3883d ago

Whose doin' the rocket pack game? Is that Capcom or EA? I hope it's Capcom cause I really don't wanna buy an EA game, and that game looks sharp as a thumb tac! This game looks garbage, though.

FPS nut3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

So any way you look at it your version will run at 30fps and have jaggies on every surfice (the way it always is) Funny how Sony promised 120fps but can barely do 30fps, their like 90 off buddy. Oh well you always have "4D" and "08" and those black and white games to look forward to.

We all know why your here bashing, I just thought it would be nice to give a taste of what you serve.

thereapersson3883d ago

So you really think you're doing a service to yourself by lowering yourself to the level of what you denounce? What good does eye for an eye accomplish on the internet in the sake of a console war?

Just shows how childish and petty you can really be...

FPS nut3883d ago

Example: Like it's kinda strange how you come to this guys aid, this isn't the first time so I'm going to assume your friends.

gamesblow3883d ago

FPS, what in the sam F*CK are you talking about?? I mean, I litterally have not 1 fuggin' clue what the hell you're talking about here. I mean, not 1! What you said has nothing to do, no relevance at all, with what I said...

Forget your medication this morning, SLOP DONG?

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KidMakeshift3883d ago

The game could have potential. Lets just hope it's not another "Run Like Hell"

Keowrath3883d ago

Yeah, I agree. The helmet and I personally think the whole suit looks like crap!

I think this "could" be a great game. Resident Evil in space with Event Horizen overtones could be an amazing experience but so far the art direction appears to be somewhat lacking. Hopefully they will turn it around but isn't this another EA title? /shudder

Maldread3883d ago

EA deserves credit for trying to do something new instead of their endless line of sequels with new games like Skate, Army of Two and Dead Space, even though if they`re successful, i suspect they`ll get plenty of sequels themselves too ;)

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