Exclusive: Gertsmann speaks about K&L review, future

"Losing a job you've held for over 11 years in an abrupt manner is shocking, yes."

While the above quote should perhaps win Jeff Gerstmann the 'understatement of the year' award, the former Gamespot editorial director is still staying silent about the specifics surrounding his recent firing (citing the previously mentioned "legal reasons," among others). He has, however, told Joystiq that he still stands behind his controversial review of Kane & Lynch.

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TnS3736d ago

Joystiq has made an exclusive interview with Jeff Gerstmann, but they can't spell his name in the title. :)

It is also wrong here on N4G. Sorry, I just noticed.

MK_Red3736d ago

Great finds. 1.The great story. 2.Joystiq's mistake. :)

gamesblow3736d ago

So basically, nothing was said... Good flat foot work, Joystick... "rolls eyes"

AddisonW3736d ago

What a complete and utter loser.

It is good to see Gamespot finally getting fed up with him and firing him. A complete clearing out of the current staff would be the best solution to bring credibility back to the site and their reviews after Gerstmann turned the site into a joke in the eyes of gamers.

Let the talentless fatty go make a blog where can talk endlessly about how much he loves his 360 and Halo 3.

Gamers are tired of obnoxious juvenile fanboys like Gerstmann playing games with review scores.

But it is funny to still see the clown and others still trying to spin his getting dumped as having anything to do with K&L...LOL!

KidMakeshift3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

He's the stereotypical epitome of what male gamers are classified as: pale, overweight, balding, and obnoxious sounding

Bathyj3736d ago

Hey, I'm not pale or balding !

Bolts3736d ago

So you are obnoxious and grotestly overweight? Heh 2 outta 4 isn't that bad.

thereapersson3736d ago

But my supervisor who is a big 360 nut played Kane and Lynch a week ago, and he said it was really mediocre, going so far as to say this game could have been done on the first Xbox. Though, he said the story and characters were pretty good, the gameplay just really falls short in all areas.

radzy3736d ago

typical eidos game , stuffed up by glitches ,glitches and more glitches.
i finished the game with both endings. 5 second endings . i hate 5 second endings. and it was a heads you lose , tails you lose. no win ending situation.

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The story is too old to be commented.